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  1. ya i've played some jags before at my local music store..i love em but they're too much for me..i don't have $1200 to spend on a guitar...wish i did.
  2. i do play a bunch of stuff..it's not like the ONLY thing i play is nirvana..i play mostly whatever i like at the time..which right now is nirvana and has been before..i'm not trying to copy kurt in any way i just really like the mustangs and jag-stangs and jaguars.
  3. i'll probably end up getting a jag-stang and moding it up to my liking...new humbucker..maybe new pickguard..using the moding tips on the jag-stang page of this site to make my jag-stang freaking awesome!
  4. ya i've heard the humbucker in jag-stangs aren't that good..i'll keep the stock pickup in case i ever wanna sell it but maybe replace it with either a dimarzio evolution or seymour duncan.
  5. i have a couple guitars actually..but i've never had like a name brand guitar like fender..i've played many but never owned a fender..i own a couple squiers that i've had for a couple years but that's it. I do play mostly nirvana or whatever i'm into at the time..but ya i'm a huge nirvana fan. It's hard to find a jag-stang any where else except ebay..i could just piece one together from warmoth or get the body from warmoth and find parts somewhere else because warmoth is costly.what would you recommend?
  6. i'd get one off musicians freind if i had 700 bucks but i dont..i'll probably find one on ebay or something.
  7. well..mustangs are alot easier to get than jag-stangs..and the jag-stang doesn't have any body contours,kurt didnt really like the jag-stang much..and the mustang is kurt's favorite guitar..so i'll probably go with the mustang. besides, maybe someday i'll have them both.
  8. Someone help me out...i don't know if i should get a jag-stang or a mustang? I'm a huge Nirvana fan and of Kurt. Kurt said his favorite guitar was the mustang..but he designed the jag-stang..idk what to get..mustang or jag-stang? help me!
  9. i kinda like the guitar..the pickguard isn't what i would put on a jag-stang but..i think it still looks cool..and it looks like it has seen alot of action..pretty sweet robert.
  10. ya..i played the white one with the red pickguard..he also had the sunburst jaguar..the jaguars were $1299 and the mustangs were $699, the 1973 mustang was $1100.
  11. update: i went to willcutts today because i was going to play the jag-stang because i plan on getting one really soon, and it was sold earlier today.. So it did find a loving home..instead i played a fender mustang and a fender jaguar, one of the guys even had a 1973 mustang, all original, in sunburst. didnt play it though
  12. I went up to Willcutts guitar shop in Lexington, and almost back in the very back they had a fiesta-red jag-stang. It was brand new, still had the tags on it and everything. It had the designed by Kurt Cobain sticker on it but not the 50th anniversary sticker. They wanted $700 for it. I want a jag-stang so bad but i just dont have 700 to give for it. So, anyone in Kentucky who wants a jag-stang they have one at Willcutts guitar shop in lexington. I took pics of it on my phone but i don't know how to upload them to this site.
  13. ok..someone straighten this up..ok..i private messaged aug tellin him that i wanted a jag-stang and all that..and he messages me back sayin that his guitar company noho guitars can do it for me..so i look around on the site and see a user named noho guitars..seems like everyone on that topic where he posted hates him..i did too after i saw what he replied on the topic..just basically an ####. I'm not sure if aug is noho guitars or what the crap is goin on, but i dont think i wanna send him money to make me a guitar now..i'll probably just get robert to do it all..he seems like the right pick.
  14. ok so robert does necks and pickguards and aug makes bodies and paints them. ya i'm talkin with aug and his shop to make me a jag-stang..hopefully i'll have enough to pay for it..if not my only other choices are to hopefully find one on ebay or go to warmoth.
  15. Hey robert, the jag-stang bodies are impressive. hey, i was wondering, could you like build me a complete jag-stang? body neck and everything? If not, How much would you charge me for a jag-stang body painted sonic blue?
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