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  1. im rebuilding a 97-98 jagstang and i bought 2 fender 500k pots, and was wondering if i should go ahead and get orange drops? if so, do i get 2 for both pots or just 1 for the volume pot? and also which kind, i remember someone sayin to get a 0.01
  2. MAN! i cant get over how great that song is! is it gonna be on thier new album?
  3. i remember readin this thread along time ago and was wonderin what came out of his project too.
  4. I believe the correct term is thats sick man.
  5. Are you building a jagstang out of parts?? How much is your projected cost and what have you bought so far. And are you the bastard who outbid me on that JS pickguard the other day?? yeah im rebuilding a jagstang. i have about $330 to buy parts, all i have is the 1998 sonic blue body off the bay. and no, im not the bastard who outbid u. so..how much?
  6. the guy destroyed a vintage mustang neck, but, it woulda been a cool idea.but seriously..A VINTAGE NECK!!!!
  7. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!?!?!? LOOK! http://cgi.ebay.com/1966-FENDER-MUSTANG ... tsupported
  8. yeah, i bought a 1998 sonic blue js body off ebay and im lookin to restore it to its original specs, and i know about the bridge pup bein #### but i wanna get my js as close as possible to stock. so, wats your price?
  9. NICE! that's a sweet rig u got there. I like the js's with black pups and those dome knobs, looks awesome.
  10. that's what i thought, but it looks kool with the cover on o well. thanks.
  11. anyone have a set or either of the two original jag-stang pups it came with for sale? id pay a reasonable price?
  12. Will a jaguar neck pickup fit inside the neck slot of a jag-stang pickguard?
  13. the jag-stang is pretty sweet, u gotta admit. but not the best. but in the list of rare guitars, its up there pretty high.
  14. if your strings are buzzing, it usually means ur action is too low. Id suggest raising the cigar tube alittle bit, keep hitting the strings as you raise and stop when there is no buzzing. hope that helps
  15. mario is so old school u cant help but love it.
  16. guitar center can sell guitars and equipment sure, but when it comes to knowing the value of a guitar, or seting them up, they suck.
  17. nevermind, just one myself a 1998 sonic blue js body off the bay. ####IN ####!
  18. i might pm fran..anyone know anyone else? btw, anyone know if this is an original js body and not a warmoth? http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-JAG-STANG-BO ... 7C294%3A50 i cant see a serial number in the neck pocket.
  19. i know there's a couple on ebay right now, but i know they'll get up to WAY more money than i've got. why basswod? cuz i just want it as close to the original as possible without paying the price for a used one. Anyone know of any luthier's i can pm on here?
  20. Wow, its great to be bak . havent been on here in awhile. Ok, down to business. Im looking for someone who could make me a js body,i still have the one, ughh, i forgot his name, OHH. Robert OG made me, but its heavy and ive tried everything i could with it but nothing worked out right. SO, anyone on here who could mabye wip me up a basswood jagstang body, no contours, all the specs to the original JS, id be very happy. just pm me with a price.
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