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  1. yeah you would have to fill in the bridge holes, and drill new ones further back, which means you would either have a rather ugly spot on the guitar, or you would have to completely refinish the guitat
  2. yeahh man it has been a while, its going pretty good man, how bout yourself?, and its going to be crown royal purple with a cream pg,and yeah its pretty close, im supposed to start painting it tomorrow, and then i'll throw some copper shielding in there, and buy the pickups and cloth wiring and begin to solder it up haha
  3. yeah ive been lookin em up quite a bit, they seem to have a really warm vintage sound, and thats kinda what im going for
  4. cool, then i guess after this js project is done ill be stalking the evilbay
  5. im sure this question has been asked, buuutt i have an old squier affinity series in sunburst with a maple neck, which just isnt the greatest for me, i was wondering if i could slap a fender neck with a rosewood fretboard on there, and if so does anyone know if they ever made an A width nut for a strat neck? thanks much
  6. yeeah i figured i would just end up throwin a jb in the bridge, but for the single coils, ive been considering lollar, rio grande, and bartolini, i really just cant seem to figure out which particular ones
  7. no you wouldnt be able to put a tele or strat neck on there, cuz those are both 25.5'' necks, and they wouldnt intonate properly. the jag-stang is a short scale guitar, and the neck measures 24'', just like the jaguar, mustang, and several other shortscales. as for the screws, on the bridge usually they face the tailpiece, but i dont think it matters
  8. oh yeah and it has the mustang control plate as well, i was also considering changing the pots out to
  9. idk if anyone recalls, but i started a jag-stang project about a year ago, and had the body and pickguard crafted by aug, and now its about time to consider pickups, and what not, but im unsure of what i wanna throw in there, so far its an ssh PU config. and it will have a 3 way mustang switch, along with the upper horn jaguar controls, and a 3 way toggle switch, i have soldered pickups and jacks and switches in bfor but not without a diagram, so if anyone is interested in helping me create one,that would be much appreciated, also im looking for some input on the specific pickups i should throw in this mofo thanks gize
  10. hahaha i know cobain hated it, i read somewhere that he smashed one, or threw it into the crowd or something like that
  11. you know, this kind of reminds me of that part in SLC punk where hes in the mall
  12. i actually do like firebirds, but i need the cash
  13. damn, ok anyone in the U.K. wanna buy this thing? hahaha
  14. seriously? what eould you consider a fair price?
  15. ok so anywhere in between 150 and 250 usd?, well thats ok i guess, how much d you think i could get for the full guitar?
  16. damn dudes its just a Reissue without a tremolo or bridge, 500 pounds and 300 pounds is insane cuz thats like double in USD
  17. does anyone know or have a good guess as to how much a sonic blue/red tort 69 fender mustang RI without the neck, tremolo, and bridge would be worth? -thanks, grant
  18. im thinking about selling one of my mustangs, and buying a supersonic(which i can get for 350) and putting the excess money towards my jag-stang project
  19. serve the servants, scoff or i hate myself and want to die. sorry i cant pick one
  20. ....but he just plays a stock (as far as i know) travis bean TB500 yeah but they are really hard to come across, and his has character, with all the scuffage and whatnot
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