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  1. yeahh man it has been a while, its going pretty good man, how bout yourself?, and its going to be crown royal purple with a cream pg,and yeah its pretty close, im supposed to start painting it tomorrow, and then i'll throw some copper shielding in there, and buy the pickups and cloth wiring and begin to solder it up haha

  2. no you wouldnt be able to put a tele or strat neck on there, cuz those are both 25.5'' necks, and they wouldnt intonate properly. the jag-stang is a short scale guitar, and the neck measures 24'', just like the jaguar, mustang, and several other shortscales. as for the screws, on the bridge usually they face the tailpiece, but i dont think it matters

  3. idk if anyone recalls, but i started a jag-stang project about a year ago, and had the body and pickguard crafted by aug, and now its about time to consider pickups, and what not, but im unsure of what i wanna throw in there, so far its an ssh PU config. and it will have a 3 way mustang switch, along with the upper horn jaguar controls, and a 3 way toggle switch, i have soldered pickups and jacks and switches in bfor but not without a diagram, so if anyone is interested in helping me create one,that would be much appreciated, also im looking for some input on the specific pickups i should throw in this mofo

    thanks gize

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