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  1. oh damn! that remind me i need to start a new topic!!
  2. yeah dude i saw that yesterday, i thought it was pretty cool, but 800$ is nucking futs
  3. i have only seen one jag-stang neck available and that was on ebay, otherwise i dont know where i would find one, so ill probably use a mustang neck. and thanks but i was going to go for a pearly gates or a jb humbucker
  4. ok so i just scored the tremolo, bridge, and neck plate off ebay for this bad mamma jamma, now all i need is -neck -2 siglecoils -1 humbucker -switches, pots and wires etc.. -paint(probably burgundy mist), grain filler, sand paper, clear coat -tuners -strap locks -bridge thimbles - and some strings -oh yeah and a jack -oh damn i forgot, the control plates and i think thats it
  5. i read somewhere that she owns the rights to teen spirit, the infamous green sweater, and the comp stang. thats one lucky little girl
  6. hey aug, i dont mean to nag, but anything new
  7. i guess it all depends on the year, because kurts comp stang just said "fender" in gold
  8. i wouldnt BUY one, but i would gig it, i think it would be funny. i have always wanted one of those pink hello kitty strats hahaha i dig obviously retarted, almost sarcastic guitars
  9. no man, IT LOOKS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A+, 5 stars, hell i give you 6 stars hahahaha
  10. oh, its cool haha im sure its well worth the wait
  11. most likely black, but i havent decided yet, so just use your best judgment hahah i trust you
  12. welli still have a lot of work ahead of me hahah, so dont expect it to be finished until around may. oh and by work im mostly refering to aquiring the money for the parts.
  13. i dig the hello kitty. See Aug, a six-a-side that DOESN'T look like a Fender rip-off. hahaha if it doenst look like a strat knock off it looks like a giant dick
  14. i would love to go sunburst with a red tort, but i have never painted a guitar, and from what i hear sunburst is more difficult than a solid color
  15. yeah i like purple flake, the problem isnt liking particular colors, its deciding on 1!! hahaha its the hardest desicion i have ever had to make in my life haha jk
  16. hey, ne mans trash is another mans treasure. i dig that thing HARD
  17. to be honest i havent decided on a color yet hahahahaha
  18. how can you guys not like this, its like Prince meets mudhoney haha
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