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  1. oh cool ####!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude i didnt even know you had these pics up!!!!!, that looks awesome BIG THANKS!!!!!!! AUG
  2. hahahahahahhahhahhahhahhah i had one yeterday, at my friends house
  3. if you have the money go AVRI, if you dont go CIJ
  4. how about this, i will be your on-line apprentice and you can give me swingers, stangs, n' jags hahahahahaha
  5. god!!!!!!!!!! dude you and your good deals hahahaha, i am moving to florida
  6. did I build that one? YES!! and it was dead sexy
  7. yeah haha actually i really really do like the sound of a stock mustang as well, which is why i own 2 hahaha
  8. i do believe that was the first time i have ever loled while on the internet hahahahahahaha
  9. if all else fails you could always buy a mustang AND jaguar decal, and whip one up yourself, it might look odd but my only other suggestion is a decal that just has the "fender" logo like a lefty
  10. Thats why we all like the mustang, why make it into a strat ? the configuration isnt what makes a stang (for me), i think its the neck, general "looks", and the versatile and light weight body
  11. how much you want to bet the person responsible for that LOVES metal(the ####ty kind)
  12. ah dude that sucks, they are great amps, first do what stevie k said, go to ebay and browse it up, the thing i like about the hot rod deluxe is its already 40 watts, and if thats not good enough you can buy an extension cab for it , but if you cant find a deluxe or deville for cheap on the bay, then i would go blues jr.
  13. oh god hahahahaha now you got bandit started, he just posted a mile long list of why you should get an orange, read up foxy loxy hahahaha
  14. i want dat geeeeeetar, do you guys think i could take peter buck in a fist fight? hahahahaha
  15. sd jb, dimarzio sds1(middle) and mustang pup in the neck hahaha its kind of a wierd combo, i just threw in the pickups i had, i plan on upgrading eventually
  16. yeah i dont either but it covers up the extra PUP holes from when it was an angled single coil, i will probably end up getting a new pickguard for it
  17. sorry i would, but there arent any smilies that "bow down" hahaha
  18. fail. hahahaha now i feel like a super fuk-tard haha btw thanks jagOW
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