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  1. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.c ... 5a9c37da3f yep, it makes me horny p.s. no fu cking demo(my computer is ####)
  2. well trav may not care if you leave, but i think the rest of us would
  3. well thats the problem they are taking a previously designed guitar and making tiny changes with it and acting as if its some huge accomplishment, and we really dont care about that what we want is new body and headstock designs, but aug already mentioned that
  4. this must be why people worship kurt cobain lol, cuz he created the last guitar design(yeah its an exageration but like aug said, its been to long) and even then it was a hybrid and not an original design, but it beats the hell out of a strat shaped guitar.
  5. haha nevermind i just checked my jag, and realized they are mini pots ma bad
  6. do i find jaguar/jazzy roller pots?, i cant seem to find them anywhere
  7. look at this fother mucking beautiful jazzy!!!!!!!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-1965-Fender ... 7C294%3A50 i would sell my legs for that(no joke i would do it)
  8. i can assure you no one has bid up to 1200 on a jagstang, however people do have them up for "buy it now" at 1200, most original jagstangs go for 500-600, but if yours is MINT then i would say 800-900. this is just based on my 2 year speculation on ebay and craigslist.
  9. i agree with aug, just leave your pp out of the pics trav
  10. haha yeah, but i already have the toggle switch, so i have to do something wit it.
  11. i have played one, theyre pretty bitchin aside from the strat trem, they have one at one of my local music stores, its only 350 which is pretty good for a vista series. one a deeze days ima gonna buy it
  12. WTF!! hahaha for 1 i already sent it, and 2 im not putting a pic of my check on the internet, its got ma shi t on it haha
  13. that depends... what is the 3-way toggle gonna control? I assume you're retaining the 2 3-way slider switches? I needz for infoz! yeah i would keep the 2 slider switches, and they would both operate the neck and bridge pups just like a normal stang, but i would add a toggle and a middle pup, and use the toggle to control the middle pup
  14. yepp check it hoe viewtopic.php?t=12705
  15. yeah i wish i could start over with what i already know
  16. 3 toggle switches?, damn i cant do dat, i just want to know what to do for the middle pickup
  17. ok so as you guys know im doing the hss config. in my mustang, and also a jag-stang project, so i will wire up the humbucker and neck pickup just like they were before, now what i need to know is the easiest way to wire the toggle switch and middle pickup, would i just wire it to the volume pot? -tanks gRANT
  18. ima GOD hahaha im 1 whole!!! year older than all of you 16!!!!!!!!!!, and i will soon be 17 muhahahahahahahahaha, just kidding i wish i was a baby
  19. i would give my my testicals and my ovaries hahaha for that geeeeetar
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