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  1. yeah and aug lives in cali, the east coast is much more humid
  2. oh well, i havent made up my mind for sure, so i will think about it a little while longer. im really just having a hard time with finding a color that i would think WOW! thats awesome, idk haha i always liked the j mascis jazzy
  3. i am leaning towards burgundy mist, because its the shi t, and because LPB is classified as a kurtz color especially on a jag-stang, and im sick and #### tired of people saying oh kurt played a mustang, is that why you play one? sooooooooo if i do LPB it would have a red tort PG and most likely no comp stripes.
  4. ok so after much thought ive narrowed it down to, three colors haha yeah i know, three colors is pretty broad. so they are burgandy mist,LPB, or inca silver, and of course they would be sporting a matching headstock , but i still need to figure out which of the three is for me.
  5. except poo brown, think fender colors
  6. i dont think so, i read he just did it to come off as "bohemian" at least thats what it says in heavier than heaven
  7. ok guys as you know i have an uppcoming jag-stang project, and i thought i would ask what colors you guys think would look good on it. i cant seem to think of anything because i dont want 2 guitars with the same color so ive already got a sonic blue w red tort, graffiti yellow with pearloid, sunburst with white, and black on black. so im open to any suggestions
  8. idk i just read on warmoth about 30 min ago that, oil wont prevent it and you need a hard coat of either paint or clear finish, otherwise its bound to warp.
  9. hahahaha yeah i know, i thought it was funny when i read it
  10. cummon!! its psychadelic grunge blues, how can you not want to fukc the sounds
  11. yep those are 2 of my favorites too, but the screaming trees are my absolute favorite
  12. yeah i did that on purpose, he spelled it like that on the bleach album to confuse people
  13. just hate most everynthing about strats
  14. lee ranaldo, thurston moore, j mascis, frank black(he says this in an interview in fender frontline 03, 04, or 05), kurdt kobain, billy corgan, mark arm, gary lee conner(dollar bill video), and more i cant think of
  15. what do you mean!!!!!! haha the pup conficuration is the only thing that is at all good about a strat. unless its LPB with matching headstock
  16. like kody, i think it looks great right now, you can tell its vintage, but not so vintage that it looks like ####.
  17. duo, jagmasters are boring, its got that lame strat tremolo
  18. yeah i saw that, i was tempted to buy it. haha o yeah btw it says its fiesta red, but it does look orange
  19. yeah its these damn females they leave me sad hahaha, its a combination of A.not giving a flying #### B. too tired C.rationalizing that school isnt needed in order to be a decent person(which is what really matters) D. mood swings and E. my obssesion with flipping my nose at "authority" we are all just servants of society making up one big nasty fukcfest of money hungry assholes.hahaha at least thats my tasteless opininion
  20. yeah, but right now im in kentucky, i get back to my house ssunday night. and ill have a week left of break, but i was grounded for all of last semester for flunking all my classes(im a sleeper ) but i managed to bring them all up to passing before the end of the semester, and now i can chill with the amigos, so there has been like a massive burst of my friends wanting to hang out, so granted that doesnt get in the way, and my tendency to sleep past 2:00 in the afternoon i can set aside a day to work on it
  21. holy ####!!!!!!!!!! man how do you like that aluminum neck?
  22. hahahah i plan to get the pics up as soon as i finish it. the problem is i need a good solid block of time to work on it.
  23. yeah what travis said, the if you have chubby fingers i imagine it would be hell trying to play a mustang
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