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  1. So I'm liking my mustang. Im mad though because I bought a Mustang light turqouise pickguard to replace the one on my 69 reissue, and the son of a bitch doesn't fit. I guess the 65 reissue pickguards can't fit on 69...... uggghhh. But it's fine.
  2. so I recieved the guitar last friday. I like it. But I learned a like my strat better. The guitar is cool. The only thing is that the previous owner changed the wiring system on the Mustang. I don't like it. I want the switching system to be the way it was orginnally. Is it possiable and will any guitar neck know how to do it? thanks
  3. Really? It's a 69? I would be happy either way, but I'm curious, I'm new to Mustangs, how can you tell? thank
  4. Thanks for the replies. Here is a link a video link to the guitar I bought: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIkQZ2t4auQ
  5. thanks for the info. yeah I'm sure it'll be fine. Thanks for easing my concern.
  6. thanks for the response. I guess I really don't care, becuase I myself have a stratocaster that I like. It's just that the Mustang seems to be a great guitar and I don't understand why I don't see more soloist using one. The 24' scale is amazing.
  7. I'm new to the world of mustangs. I recently purchased a 2005 CIJ 65 RI Mustang. I once had an early Jag-stang which I foolishly sold. And what I loved about that Jagstang was the neck. After reading some posts on this forum I have learned that the Jagstang neck is better in feel to the 65 Mustang neck. I even read that the jag-Stang neck was based on Cobain's 1969 Mustang neck. Which makes me wonder if I made a mistake buying the 65 ri and what i should have bought was a 69 ri? I hope I don't get this guitar and the neck i slike a baseball bat..... it's my only concern...... any thought? thanks
  8. Why is it that the Mustang, while it is a student model, is looked down on by some guitar snobs. I mean it has a full Fender 21 frets, 2 pickups, and a comfortable neck. the pickups seem to sound good, and if you put in a nice after market pickup it can sound even better. A guitar is a Guitar, it has frets and you make music with it......
  9. thanks... is that a sort of mini humbucker?
  10. Well I could be wrong about them being made in Mexico.... I just thought the '65 reissues were made in Mexico because Musicanfriend.com is selling them and I thought that Japanese Fenders were not sold on that that website.... or any American dealer for that matter. Also, I am talking about both the width of the nut and thickness of the neck..... both were bigger than the Jag-stang's and I was very disappointed. I don't know why I sold that Jag-Stang.... it had the best neck ever...... ergfggggggg!!!!1
  11. I'm sure it was a Mustang..... sonic blue....... it probably was a Japanese version then. I thought they made mexican version because they started selling them on Musicanfriends.com and I thought that the website did not sell Japanese Fenders. Anyhow, this particular neck, which was a 2008 Mustang model, had a thicker profile than an early 90's Jag-Stang that I had. It got me fustrated because it seems like with Fenders they love making FAT necks now a days, and there is nothing that I hate more than a fat neck on a fender. Now this particular Mustang had the 24' scale, but as I mentioned it's just the profile seemed fatter than the Jag-Stang I had......... are all Japanese mustang and jagstang necks the same, or would they vary?
  12. Hi I'm thinking of getting a Mustang. I once had a Jag-Stang and loved the slimness of the neck, therefore I assumed all mustang type guitars have the smae neck slimness. However, theother day I went to my local music shop and they had a new mexican mustang and the neck profile felt much thicker. My question: Do the thickness of Mustang reissue necks vary throughout the years or origin of manufacture. Or could I be just imagining this? Thanks
  13. I won me a MIJ 1962 Reissue of a Fender Jaguar on ebay. I always wanted a jaguar as I honestly am tired of the look and sound of a strat. Now the guitar looks good..... it's red with a matching headstock. But I just thought of something..... is the neck on these Japanase reissue close to the feel of a real 62 neck? Or will there be variance. Also it's from 1991.... Just curious.... I never buy guitars through the internet so I hope the neck has that classic thin feel. I actually had a Jag-Stang once and regrettably sold it. I went through teles and strats and nothing had the feel of that Jagstang neck. This Jaguar brings me back to when I had the jag-stang. thanks
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