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  1. Thanks man! Yeah, Candy Apple Red isn't one of my favorite colors (would rather a sunburst!) but the black pickguard does make it look a lot cooler. I do like the pearloid too...very cool. The guy that helped me with the mods was able to use the old pickup covers...he just sanded off the top, painted the edges black...so you can see a white ring around the pickups. I dig it!
  2. You'll be fine. A nice hot iron... warm both parts up then add your solder. If it looks shiny and everything is solid you are a winner! Thanks for the vote of confidence! And the tips! I'm really looking forward to hear how much better it'll sound.
  3. OK, bought the Seymour Duncan's and the new pots. This weekend I start the soldering process. (GULP!)
  4. OH I HATE YOU!! That's my dream amp! LOL. Yeah, It's a great amp. Actually I traded my Blues Jr for it, straight up. Was a great deal. I couldn't afford one otherwise!
  5. True, right I guess they're probably dirty. Is there a good method to cleaning dirty rollers?? The bridge pickup has a thin sound to me. Going with the Quarter Pounders...
  6. So I had to sell some guitars (money's tight of course) now my Jag is my only electric. I owe it to myself to get it in top notch condition. It's a great guitar, I love the feel of it, the tremolo, and even the neck pickup isn't so bad. But the electronics are hurtin'. It's noisy as anything. The rollers are so loud. I can barely adjust the tone or volume. And the bridge pickup has to go. I think a pair of 1/4 pounders would sound much better. So I guess I have to switch out the pickups and the controls. Honestly I've never done that before...I'm pretty handy I think but I never mess
  7. I'm in NC now so I'll probably never make it back. I saw Pharoah Sanders there back in 97. Was one of the best shows I've ever seen...hands down. It's def a cool venue.
  8. Yeah the Knitting Factory is a cool place. Haven't been there in a loooooooooooong time!
  9. I'm a big fan of the Fulltone Fulldrive 2...really gets a great tone. Yesterday I replaced my TS-9 with a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster. Using that with the Fulltone pushes some INCREDIBLE tones out of my Blues Jr. Gotta love craigslist!
  10. I have some of my CIJ Jag... http://www.youtube.com/radioislandband
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