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  1. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid
  2. Looks like 1972... I don't date Jags that old... it's practically a cougar. All they want to do is get me drunk and take advantage of me.
  3. I use one of these: 1964 Fender Princeton, best sounding amp for single coils I have ever played.
  4. I have had both... the Jaguar is the better guitar, but the Jazzmaster is good too.
  5. I have a Jaguar with a Mustang bridge and one without. The Mustang bridge is better, no monkeying with hex screws to get the string height and radius correct.
  6. White knob 1963/4 Fender Princeton. Best amp made by anyone, ever, in my opinion.
  7. Electric: 1958 Gretsch Streamliner (Bamboo Yellow / Copper) 1966 Rickenbacker 345 (Fireglo) 1972 Fender Jaguar (Daphne Blue) 1965/1978 FrankenJagtang (Shell Pink '65 Jag body with 1978 maple Mustang neck, SD Little '59s) Acoustic: 1954 Gibson J-45 (Sunburst) Bass: 2004 Fender Jaguar Baritone (Sunburst) Effects: 1960's DeArmond Volume Pedal Late 60s Thomas Organ Crybaby (Chicago with stack-of-dimes inductor) Homebuilt tube reverb unit Amps: 1956 White Model 80 (Fender Princeton) 1962 Airline 2x12 tube 50 watt 1964 Fender Princeton (white knob) Vox Brian May
  8. you need your jags intonation sorted, if your new to the guitar it would be easier to just copy of another jag . .. so all you need is a bridge to copy of there you go by turning the screws make your bridge looks something like that and you will be near anuff sorted. His saddles are correct if he uses a wound 3rd (although it does appear he is using an unwound one).
  9. In addition to what my esteemed colleague Professor TSOS has stated I would add that: D. The scale on the Baritone is longer; 28.5" vice 24". E. The Baritone could be tuned up an octave to standard pitch if you changed the strings from baritone to guitar strings Class dismissed.
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