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  1. got my 69 Mustang RI for $280
  2. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seymour-Dun ... 1397932.gc
  3. well i was taking off the pickguard to see what the wiring was like in my mustang and i accidently dropped my friends router into it and it went on somhow and then i was holding a soldering iron in my hand and i dropped it and it accidently un-wired the bridge single coil and wired a JB in its place (crappy picture)
  4. Ive never played a 65 RI but i love the feel of my 69RI. Its solid and the Neck is perfect I cant really complain about the pickups (though i might change them cause i love my distortion) But i dont think you can really say ones better since its really your own opinion
  5. the guy that said it was broken did look really strung out on somthing but im definitely not complaning
  6. It plays amazing the only thing im thinkin is maybe swapping the stock bridge pup for a single sized humbucker of some sort ,like a jb jr or hotrails Whats the difference between a 65 reissue and a 69 reissue
  7. so i went to guitar center yesterday and the guy i talked to on the phone brought the stang outta his office with a $449 pricetag and gave it to me i played it for a while through a fender twin reverb.it sounded great but the 12th on the A would just buzz when played and i noticed the bridge was much lower on one side then the other. I asked one of the clerks to raise it, and he did. The fret was fixed but for some reason the guy still thought it was buzzing. so i decided to buy it, and the guy thinking it was broken sold it to me for $100 dollars less then he said on the phone so i got it
  8. welll the guy on craigslist hasnt gotten back to me (after giving me his phone number on sunday). And i called up my "local" guitar center and they have a used white/tort 65 reissue in stock and the guy on the phone was willing to go as low as $380 for it. So im leaving in a couple minutes to go check that out ill most likely grab it unless its got some kind of horrible defect. ill post pics of it (if i get it) later tonight
  9. yeah it is a really good deal 300 less than a new one AND the case and within a drivable distance i cant wait
  10. Finally gettin a mustang off craigs list a local pickup 400$ for a 2007 65 reissue and it comes with a hard case link: http://longisland.craigslist.org/msg/919916972.html hopefully ill be able to call him tommarow.... pics when i get it
  11. I got a Jag hh but i sawpped out the pickups cause the stock ones were to muddy and i changed the guard to get rid of the chrome black pattern oh and i love it
  12. Well it sounds great and the body was onnly $30, i did do it to have somthing unique. Im happy with it you dont have to be.
  13. I just had a bunch of strat parts so i bought the lefty body and warmoth sent me a b/w/b pg instead of w/b/w but i thought it was fine
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