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  1. Hi all, Does anybody know a UK retailer other than Fender themselves where I can get some Chrome pot covers for my Japanese JGS-75 Special?? The original ones are all tarnished and look ####e. Ive tried allparts but they dont seem to have any. Thanks in advance! Adam
  2. ah i see, thanks for the info. would these fit? http://www.allparts.uk.com/catalogue/pr ... s_id=11698 i really am a dumbass, what does " neck 1-15/16", bridge 2-1/16" " mean??
  3. yea thats the exact same as mine. I have since bought some brasso and the 3 switch plates have since come up perfect - and I have found a website that does the proper chrome type - all 3 for less than
  4. ok excellent. thanks for that. what about if I wanted to buy new plates for it? any clues where I should try?
  5. Hi all, Ive owned a JGS-78 Jag Japan Special (Humbucker model) for about 4 years now. Having not played it for about 6 months (a crime I know) the other day I dug it out of the case to give it a go. To my horror the 2 humbuckers and the Chrome (i assume its Chrome - is it?!) plates around the two sets of switches have turned a nasty black colour and have totally lost their shine. Strangley the plate around the volume and tone knobs is still shiny and hasnt totally lost its reflection although still has black/brown tarnishing to it. Ive tried rubbing it off with a soft cloth but it wont budge. Has anyone else experienced this on any of their models before and if so whats the best thing to use to get rid of it and stop it happening again? Also, is it possible to buy replacement switch plates for my guitar and if so where should I look and what humbuckers are fitted? Ive checked ebay for parts and there is nothing. Thanks in advance for any advice! Cheers Adam
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