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  1. ah, thanks, are you sure the pickguards are the same? i thought there might be subtle differences since the guy on ebay is selling MIJ and CIJ ones separately
  2. he has mint ones for mij, vintage, and american reissue but no cij... or is he just out of stock? i messaged him but he has yet to respond. is there anywhere else?
  3. where can i get one? ive seen a few for mijs but these wont fit, correct?
  4. well, what im really trying to find is a gold pickguard for a japanese jazzmaster... i cant find one anywhere.... do they even exist? where can i get one? thanks
  5. heyyy, has anyone ever tried to put an american jazzmaster pickguard on a japanese jazzmaster? Im trying to see if this pickguard built for american vintage jazzmaster will fit a japanese one...if not, can you modify it to? thanks for your help.
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