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  1. Is the signature on the body or on the pickguard? I know a lot of people that wouldn't buy it because it has a signature on it unless it was really cheap. Although, you find the right person who can't live without it and it'll go for a very high price.
  2. Figured I'd bump this thread. I've updated everything on my jazzmaster with white. White Graphtech saddles, white switches and rollers.
  3. I put a TOM on a mustang I once had and I probably will just keep the stock bridge styles from now on. I loved the TOMs, but the problem was that they were designed for a 14" radius neck that the Les Paul's have. My Mustang had just over a 7" radius. The action at the E strings was too high when it was right on in the center. When putting together my Jazzmaster, I decided to stay with a stock style bridge.
  4. Looks pretty clean and well taken care of from the pics. What'd you pay if you don't mind me asking?
  5. That's a Fender Japan anodized gold pickguard and it wasn't cheap either (that's not counting the $40 I spent on a USA spec one trying to get that one to work). It was around $120, but they won't ship to the United States. So, I paid I don't know how much to ship it to a friend in Okinawa. Then I had him ship it to me.
  6. That's kind of what I did for mine. SD JB in the bridge and an overwound PAF in the neck. The roller pots above the pickups roll out one of the coils and the switch on the horn switches between a normal orange drop cap and a stewart macdonald black ice cap.
  7. Thanks. When I was a young kid and first saw a jazzmaster, I thought the pickups were humbuckers. After I became a bit educated on JMs, I always wondered why you couldn't just replace the stock pickups with HBs. As far as surface area of the guitar/pickguard, they fit great, but I had to take out a lot of material underneath so they'd fit down low enough under the strings.
  8. It's been a while since I've been on this site, and I was just cruising around it and figured I'll show off this Fender Jazzmaster that I built for those that care. By built, I mean assembled out of parts. I started with a body and neck that I found on ebay. I had to route out the pickup cutouts for humbuckers. The whole cavity was lined in copper. Here I am wiring it up. You can see my hand drawn wiring diagram here. The roller pots above the pickups cut out a coil of each one of the pickups so I can go from the full dual coil to full single coil and anywhere inbetween. The two position switch on the top horn switches between the normal tone capacitor and a distortion circuit. I cut out stock Jazzmaster pickup covers to install the humbuckers. It's got a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and an overwound Gibson PAF for the neck position pickup. This guitar flat out SCREAMS! Here's the finished product.
  9. I'm kinda looking at doing the same thing. I'm building a Jazzmaster from parts and I belive the body is a Japaneese 66RI. I'm looking at having a gold anodized guard made for it with humbuckr cutouts. The guy asked me if it was US or Japaneese, and since I'm just aquiring parts right now, I'm just guessing it's Japaneese. I figure though that the differece between an American guard and a Japaneese one is one or two screw holes are off a bit.
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