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  1. Do not purchase a new guitar without checking out the Ibanez Artcore series. Seriously.
  2. the low freqs vibrate those things too the MAX.
  3. they sound and play really good. I tried one a long time ago and actually liked the way it sounded and played. Someone snatched before I could though. I was playing bass in a band at the time.
  4. I am destined to have one. I like P-90's I like Telecasters I like little half pickguards I like chrome control plates I like big vibrato/tremolo bridges
  5. Bonercaster Conceptual Designs: Mark I Mark II Mark III Mark IV Mark V
  6. werd. one of the most nonsensical control schemes evar.
  7. I've been considering hum-sized p-90's as well. GFS makes those "Dream 90" pickups like that and they're cheap. I really like that p-90 sound after using my friend's sg jr for a while. I'm wondering if the bridge pup will be less "twangy", but haven't found much info.
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