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  1. Now the f###ing tailpiece has popped out in one side (one of the screws). I should have left it in the first place.
  2. It really doesn't seem to. The slightest turn makes it creak, and it it seems to feel like something's about to give. Which way do I turn it, looking at the bottom of the guitar (so I see the neck in front of me)?
  3. I don't think I can loosen it any more, the creaking sound when I twist it is too much. Do you think it can be fixed easily? I can still play it fine and everything, but that's clearly not right.
  4. It's straight now, but when I look at the guitar sideways the screws holding the saddle to the Dynamic Fender Vibrato isn't straight, it's at more of an angle
  5. In need of a quick reply. I was getting a lot of fret buzz when playing, so I used an allon key in the tube-shaped part that sticks up in hope of stopping it. Now the left-hand one (when looking at it from the bottom of the guitar) seems really tight and hard to move, and the other one creeks, and it feels like something's going to snap. Please, please, please tell me how to get it straight. Each side doesn't seem to want to move far in either direction or it sounds like it's literally going to break if I turn it any more (which I have to put a lot of pressure on). It might help if I know whi
  6. Although I think you can use the Orange Tiny Terror on its own. Could be wrong.
  7. Ta Fran. I guess I'll have to get a mic when I know some other people are serious about it for sure; do you mean for vocals, or to be used for amps live? I reckon if my friend keeps his word and gets a bass and starts getting good at it (can't be that hard!) I'll play Nirvana songs with him, some other ones we both learn, then once I have the confidence to play with him a lot, start playing with a drummer friend of mine who I've talked about this to. Probably won't even need to sing for the first few rehearsals. Sweet!
  8. You do, or was that sarcasm? Anyhow, the photos have been taken!
  9. I'll post some up tomorrow or shortly afterwards, whenever I can get hold of and charge the camera.
  10. If you've got the money and want it, I don't see why not! I wouldn't buy two guitars in such quick succession myself, but I just got a Mustang and it's the best guitar I've ever played, so you should be happy on that front if you make the plunge!
  11. It arrived around tea time tonight (unexpected)
  12. i dont hear any chorus on those two I was just about to say that! I'm guessing the idea is the intro, but to me that sounds like studio effects. Certainly couldn't achieve that with just the Small Clone, but maybe with some other pedals as well, and distortion. I don't hear it at all on Lithium, unless it's turned down a lot just to give a slight chime. Teen Spirit has the 'ding, ding!' and solo, Come As You Are is obvious, and Drain You has the interlude.
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