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  1. Hi guys, Just wanna share with u guys a myspace link of my band's. I recorded the songs using a CIJ Jag with both pups upgraded to quarter pounders. I ran the Jag thru an Orange Rockerverb 50. Listen to both the clean and dirty channels. And also take time to listen to my band's songs and see if u like them. We're new so.. hehe here's the link: www.myspace.com/intheasylumsg Thanks
  2. here's mine.. 1) CIJ 3TSB with SD Quarter pounds on both bridge and neck. 2) JGS - GRB, stock for now.
  3. Everyone i know that uses them puts the jag cover and claw back on. yup agreed, had mine kept intact together with the QPs.
  4. just got my CIJ Jaguar wired with SD Quarter pounds, both neck and bridge.. I must say i'm glad i chose them Quarter pounds. It gives the Jag more midrange.. and sustain a lil bit better.
  5. i thought this thread was about 'new pickups' help as well.. so i didnt wanna start a new one.. anyways.. nvm..
  6. sorry to hijack this thread.. but i need help/advice on them quarter pounds pickups.. will, the claw and pickup covers still be able to be kept in place as original if i swap for quarter pounds? or i can't use them at all? Thanks in advance
  7. i had mine, replaced with a mustang bridge. after setting up the intonations and brigde height.. no buzz at all. A decent 'mod' imo.
  8. hey guys!! guess what.. i bought my 1st Jaguar!! its a CIJ S/N A 036274, sunburst. I have looked up Fender's Website and was informed that it was produced in the year 1997 to 1998.. Bought it off a seller in a music forum in Singapore.. cost me 1K sing dollars. Really good condition with hardcase. Really well taken care of for a ten years old guitar. Am really loving the sound of the Jaguar.. I have been missing a lot!! Should have gone the Jaguar route a long time ago.. Well, yah, the bridge can suck.. Am now waiting for mustang bridge i bought off ebay, and will see if its gonna make the
  9. i emailed them for a quotation, and they replied that they now, will not ship fender japan or america products outside of Japan. , do u know of any others? thanks.
  10. thanks a lot ... for the info and also the link to the site. This is a good start for my stay in this forum will email them and ask for a quotation indeed.
  11. Hi, guys, a newbie here.. been wanting to buy myself a Jaguar. I'm in Singapore.. hope u guys can tell me where u ordered/purchased online ur Jaguars from. I only know of Stringnet.com. Thanks !!
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