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  1. I owned the sunburst 2 pickup rockinbetter for a couple months, but it just didn't jive with me. It was the Second guitar I ever owned in my life, the first one being the Mustang 69 competition Japanese Reissue I sold to buy the rockinbetter. It's... a neat guitar to say the least, but it just wasn't for me at all. I ended up putting new pickups in it and putting on a bigsby B5 like John from CCR, made it a little more legit for me. Still didn't really like the neck or how it played though, and the bridges on the thinks are made of absolute fail! I had to put on a Tune-o-matic so that the
  2. If anyone has 4 or 500 lying around and another guitar I"ll take it off their hands.... Or something similar. I'd love to get back my first guitar... a Mustang... But I still need a couple hundred to pay.... god, being old sucks.
  3. Here is the auction, if anyone is interested. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130358134053
  4. Okay so here is the sad story.... I need to sell this baby. I just lost my job due to being laid off, and my store getting shut down. Basically, I want this guitar to go to a good home, because it's such an oddball and really sweet. When i add it all together, it cost me about $1250 to make this baby. It's got all custom made body parts and it plays like a dream, you can really admire the quality just looking and feeling it... I wish I didn't need the freakin' money so bad. I'd let it go for 1100 easy, maybe even 1050... Rent is killing me and I've gotta get it by the end of the month.
  5. I finally Finished the project! SPECS: Custom Warmoth neck ($480) Custom Warmoth Body with creme binding ($560) Fender Japan Jag Trem ($30) Seymour Duncan custom shop 12k minihum bridge ($65) Artec cheap Japanese 9k minihum neck ($18) Fender Buzzstop ($45) Locking Tuneomatic with rollers ($25) Locking tuners ($40) Black Ice Distortion circuit with 1 vol and 1 tone plus 3way switch The guitar looks great and sounds freaking amazing, I absolutely love it! I've got flatwound Jazz strings on it and the action is a smidge high but I'll be putting some regular earnie balls on it in a fe
  6. purchased a beat up old strat body at a yard sale. 20 bucks. It was an HH strat, sounds pretty nice with the stock pickups, too bad the bridge is falling off. I got it to practice routing the trem hole for the jag/jazzy so when I get my firebird body, I'll be ready to work my magic. Then my neck came! :jumpy I attached it to the beat up strat body. also put on the jazzmaster decal, fitted the tuners, and tried out my backing plate. It's really really nice. The satin finish they used is amazing, I've never actually held a guitar that feels THIS good in my hands. I'm in love, and t
  7. Have you played one yet? They're really not all that great. They're uber light (like... a pound and a half max) and the paintjob they put on those guys is what half the cost is. Jangle single coils sound nice though. Guitar feels flimsy in my hands. The trem rout is on the back of the guitar and it has this weird spring design, you'll have to see for yourself. There is this cheap metal cover on the back covering up the spring, and it falls off all the time. The tremolo puts the guitar out of tune super easily too. If I had one, I'd take off the trem (and I love trem, believe me). Yo
  8. Thank you so very much for the trem rout, you have no clue how helpful that was!
  9. Thanks man, you're a real help! I've been freaking out about the routing like you wouldn't believe.
  10. Isn't that just a JAG HH *lefty* with a different neck? Still badass though, love the stripes.
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