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  1. well I have one without classic on the front (first series) and I think they are pretty much useless on (my fender) combo's. sure you can get some nice tones and all... but it sounds better over my stereo hifi set or pc for recording. and with a ds-2 you get nirvana like distortion. it needs a P.A. !!
  2. the metal is a little bit thinner yes, and I did it with a normal kitchen scissor. but the original plate cut just as easy. I cut it along side the original plate so the plate would bend minimal.(bolted on) the first one I made was just a test. but it was so good that I didn't have to made it again. the only problem is the square hole, that cost me the most time to file or polish its peanuts and it looks just as good as the original. and having spare sheets to make 15 more. ( tip).....when making the holes I taped over the plate to make it scratch free, witch worked pretty well.
  3. couldn't agree with you more!! if it only would have the blond sunburst i would definitely buy it.(it doesn't look blond to me) i just think its a modified classic player, a very awesome one!! but this AVRI cost me just about 800 (used), i can't really see any big differences except the aging proces and the binding
  4. thanks for pointing me out here!! but 'respect' was the word i was looking for in previous post,....hard to find on this form!!!
  5. i have one for two years now, did not like the muddy noise so i got myself a jensen speaker 30 watts. it has a bias pot in it,witch was easy to set with a few guide lines from internet. now its one hell of an amp, you can hear its a true tube amp. it gives some nice vintage tones to, all the settings sound pretty good and some very good. thinking of modding it with a preamp loop,(not by my self). that stock speaker is really terrible.
  6. yeah ,..my bad. it would be easier in dutch for me. like i said,...i don't agree or disagree. and there is enough hate in the world already!! can't we all just get along?
  7. it means your r.e.t.a.r.d.e.d. and learn grammar for crying out loud,..it pisses me of.
  8. but its the mustang section. i meant index page. and talking about kurt seems to offend people. i see more 'lazy noobs' topics that aren't related to kurt,.....so i really don't see a problem. what i meant was,..you don't have to respond to a topic you don't like. and i do not agree or disagree. but the topic came alive. respect.
  9. there should be a whole kurt's guitar section then. he modified his guitars so there will always be questions about it. after 16 years its apparently still a hot item. its a moderators job to keep the form clean with no double post.(still no offends lol)
  10. i can imaging that with a warm welcome people might post again. getting the same topics is boring indeed. but it happens on every form. maybe your hanging around to long on this form,...so it gets bored every time with the same questions. maybe its time to move on when you 'grow' out of this form. generally speaking. no offends. btw. 16 year old kids doesn't have the same interest as 35 year old.
  11. yeah,...its a good thing that Hendrix didn't play a mandolin or banjo.
  12. i got a metal sheet from the local hardware store. (gamma) screw the old plate over the new one,...and copy it just cut it with scissor and drill some holes. the second one i made was near perfect. it cost me 7 euro's and have spare sheet for like 20 extra more. + they are for sale on the www for like 35 euro's (the only guy who is interested has one already)
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