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  1. another pics this is jaguar but the neck look strange . is that possible? this jag has been switched the neck or this is the some kind of alternate headstock ?
  2. Hi, mates I saw this jag on some of selling guitar site, this is japanese made of couse. but the neck had a straight brown line on the back, I've never seen before on any jag's neck (like stratocaster neck ) and the Truss rod is on the headstock side . that look strange eh? or it just another model of Fender japan
  3. yes,Fran the bass cut switch do the same way as the original jag.
  4. Jaguar 1962 US reissue Mustang 1965 CIJ reissue Jag stang CIJ 2002 1976 Univox Hi-Flyer Phase 3 Epiphone Dot
  5. thanks y'all I agree with you all I wouldn't do that ,so now I just keep my Jag this is my first guitar for my dream guitar KC Jag just earn money then buy it.
  6. OK, I'm just thinking about selling my Jag (1962 american vintage reissue) to get the Jaguar HJG 1966KC (CIJ) the price very approximate just do what I want OK ..... ,but some people say "you don't need to do that ,are you craze!!! sell the US jag to get a CIJ jag in the similar price maybe more expensive" just make me confuse , I knew 1962 Jag is the best one but Jaguar HJG 1966KC is my dream seem uncertain......
  7. so now I swapped those seymour duncan minihum to the stock pickups and make it back to original .
  8. Y'all check on this , a bunch of KC Mods on Japanese site....man!! I love Japan '62 (usa) KC the most expensive one in my opinion I think '65 looks better '65-66 KC Jaguar Dude!!! I have no idea how could I order one of these Kick ass Guitars ummm I love japan.....
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