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  1. y88ed12427001561026762.jpg

    Hi, mates

    I saw this jag on some of selling guitar site, this is japanese made of couse. but the neck had a straight brown line on the back, I've never seen before on any jag's neck (like stratocaster neck ) and the Truss rod is on the headstock side . that look strange eh? or it just another model of Fender japan

  2. OK, I'm just thinking about selling my Jag (1962 american vintage reissue) to get the Jaguar HJG 1966KC (CIJ)

    the price very approximate

    just do what I want OK .....

    ,but some people say "you don't need to do that ,are you craze!!! sell the US jag to get a CIJ jag in the similar price maybe more expensive"

    just make me confuse , I knew 1962 Jag is the best one but Jaguar HJG 1966KC is my dream

    seem uncertain......

  3. depends, i think if i were you, but not knowing the mods youve done, i can see the humbuckers though, id put it on ebay like 1300 BIN with like an 800 dollar starting bid. let them buy it or decide what its worth over 800 or your comfortable price to let it go at.

    yes...Id put humbuckers (mini SD Hum) on my jag

    but now I'd changed to the stocks pickups

    yes the price will drop for this thing.

    thank you very much

  4. 6ecr5121453015075405.jpg

    This is my dream Jag forever and ever I hope I'll get one in my life....

    now I decide to sell my '62 jag for the Kurt Cobain Jag (but not yet )

    OK ....just a simple question how can I find this jaguar OK E-bey is the one

    but except e-bey where can I find this and the price how muct does it gonna be.

    I think between 1400-1600 $ or not

    who got information about this can you help me.

    thank you very much...

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