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  1. After seeing some of their guitars, they look really good for copies and much better quality than #### epiphones too. Anyone got an ESP Edwards Les Paul? Their Les Pauls look nice and look like their easy to mod. Heres their site http://www.espguitars.co.jp/edwards/index.html
  2. I luv how my post has been hijacked with other people showing or talking about what they think is the best sounding/looking pedal now
  3. i wasn't rly serious about it being the best period. But come on, just look at it
  4. When I'm getting a fender mustang 1973 reissue soon, I was thinking about replacing the original pickups with these http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/sd_ant2mustang.htm Any1 try these out or the lindy fralin ones??? need some opinions on em
  5. So I watching a few guitar videos and happen to hit a sick looking overdrive pedal http://www.thetonebox.com/product.html
  6. people really like to #### up vintage fender mustang or bronco guitars now.
  7. Wow really thought out answer. Well luckily on UG.com Forum someone told me about a Ibanez WH-10 copy pedal called Ten Spot II. I might get tht one since i even has higher quality compenents in it and its not plastic. It's 180 bucks and I gonna follow ur answer and save up to get it.
  8. im trying to look for a wah pedal for some RHCP songs and probably others aswell once I get one. I've narrowed it down to a Vox 847A but I'll try to do a true bypass mod since many users say it sucks up the tone greatly. I'm not getting a crybaby because I heard a lot of negative things about them. What do you guys think? (P.S. if u guys say get a Ibanez WH-10, well i can't since its such a expensive pedal on ebay)
  9. WWWWHOOAAA!! I just realized. Look at the bridge pickup. It looks like a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail. Did the owner change it or was that a last mod to the guitar before Kurt passed away???
  10. ####. That was a amazing guitar. I'm glad its not not being played by anyone so everyone in the world can just gaze at its history and looks. (and in good condition i guess too)
  11. I have this friend who has this Epiphone Les Paul (a good one). he's thinking about changing one of the pickups for a Gibson Les Paul pickup (maybe a Gibson Burstbucker Pro) to make his les paul sound like a Gibson LEs Paul. But one problem ifs that he has a crappy Fender 15watt frontman amp. You guys think he'll get a better sound if he does that or will his sound still be ####ty?
  12. So randomly while I was on youtube, on the top of the home page where u see videos people are watching i saw this pic of a guitarist using a fender jag-stang in fiesta red. So I clicked it to see who was playing it and I couldn't believe my eyes . Might as well watch who was using the jag-stang. WARNING: MIGHT AS WELL TURN OFF THE SOUND SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO HEAR THE GAY SONG P.S. If Kurt was still alive he'd probably BEAT UP those fags since their such a commercial band.
  13. K looks like someone needs to calm their tits. The only reason i said that because that just was just one idea i thought people got them. it wasn't suppose to be my main thought.
  14. I think the Boss TU-2 is pretty useful because it powers other pedals, it's a good tuner, and well damn its just a nice white pedal to just have. What are your thoughts?
  15. Whats up musicians getting Gibson acoustics? I've never tried one but I always see my favorite artists using Gibson acoustics, and I wonder if they get them because their GOOD or just because it's a Gibson? Like I know Gibson ELECTRIC guitars are good but acoustics is where the Martin acoustics dominate.
  16. I've seen people on youtube talking about this boss ds-1 keeley for distortion. Like what is this like something u do to your ds-1 or u can only buy this pedal?
  17. y would you want to sell it. isn't it like suppose to be like good since it has 2 dimarzio pickups and a tune o matic. or r u talking about a normal fender jaguar
  18. yea i know tht site. It said tho tht his guitar tech put a seymour duncan jb for in utero. I just wondered if he ever used it.
  19. I was always wondering why did Kurt's Jaguar had 3 knobs. When I look at vintage 1965 it only has two knobs. Was it like custom because he added 2 humbuckers on it or what. Also what was the point of Kurt putting a gibson style toggle switch. i mean did it help or what. Also does anyone know any videos of Kurt using the Jaguar during the In Utero Tour? Well just wondering
  20. the whammy bar in the guitar is horrible. My friend put in a block of wood to block out the whammy so its a little better. but yea this guitar kind of sucks and its weird too. I'm hoping to get mustang soon.
  21. that lounge act cover wasn't tht great but it was good. This kid is like trying to be Kurt by getting guitars he had before. http://www.youtube.com/user/taksin his covers are ok but honestly thats kind of dumb getting every guitar Kurt had. Like he just gets then all.
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxnWl63Avo4
  23. k so i intonate the 12 fret right. then when im done all the open strings are flat. then when i tune back to standard the intonation in the 12th fret is sharp again. I keep doing it and it never works. its pissing me off.
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