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  1. I know these questions have already been asked a lot. But I wanna be sure that, with my situation, I have my information correctly. The main problem is that my Jagstang always seems to have incorrect intonation. Even an hour after I got it back from a luthier. I just don't get it right and I've been to two different luthiers who told me they did the best they could and told me the guitar simply has this problem. (The only solution I have right now is to fix the intonation every time I think needs be.) I just wanna know for sure if some of you have any tips or were actually able to fix it?
  2. Okay, this may sound a little weird. But I can just easily lift the knobs off the guitar. It was already this way when I got it and never took action to fix it. I have no idea how it got this way. It's like they were never actually tightened. My question is, what's the best way to get them tight/locked in place? So I can turn the knobs without worrying that they'll come off.
  3. I was wondering if people here, who own a Jagstang, already have worn out there Jag a little. I know that you have to play the guitar very much and for many years. But mine has already some scratches and little bricks. What about you're Jag? (or Mustang, Jaguar, whatever).
  4. I just remember that a few years ago, i went to a local guitar shop and they had two(!) vintage mustangs for sale. A red competition and an sunburst. I played on the sunburst and it was amazing! Seriously the best guitar i've ever played Don't know why i didn't play on the competition one
  5. Okay thanks alot! Till now am thinking to get a reissue one, because of the price and because they don't have many differences with vintage ones. I have an London City DEA 100 stack amp from 1970 (bought from my uncle for a 100 euro!!!) My jagstang sounds really nice with this amp, so i have to check out the mustang in combination with it.
  6. a friend of mine always says 'why buy a new guitar while you have an awesome jagstang?' but for some reason i just want to buy a new guitar, a mustang.
  7. Thanks man! that really helps, Luckely i have the time to think about it and make the right choice. One little question: Is it weird to buy a mustang (or another guitar) while i have my jagstang, less for a year and a half?
  8. I know there are a few other topics with this same question, and am sorry for that but i can't find them. So, my question, are there any difference's between the early 60/70's mustangs and the reissue mustangs? Maybe because of the wood, or elements? I readed somewhere about this, but am not sure of it's true. Am thinking to buy a mustang as soon as possible, i wanna know what's the best choice. I like them both, the compstangs the most but those are really expensive.
  9. Hello everyone! Am back.

  10. if am right, they are flying again, the netherlands though.
  11. mine was AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses and a few more... i don't listen to them anymore then Nirvana came and i wanted the mustang and jagstang only have the jagstang at the moment.
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-1969-MUSTANG ... 4ceec85833
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