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  1. not that my opinion matters but my thoughts on color: Why "restore" when you can have some fun with it? If you are a kurt follower and have read his "notes" he was partial to a '60's blue/green for the guitar and the sonic blue and fiesta red were actually fender's choices. If you don't care for that, I think anything in the 60's color palette is fair game. I am probably going to repaint my project jag-stang Ocean Turquoise or dark teal, but I have always wondered what one looked like in firemist gold or canary yellow. It's a "retro" 60's hybrid guitar before such a thing was popular so anything you do that's in that same vein is in the spirit of the instrument. cue the purists to burn me at the stake. if you want to see the body in other colors sometimes warmoth has painted bodies in their inventory so you can see the shape in a different color: http://www.warmoth.com/Pages/ClassicShowcase.aspx?Body=2&Shape=16&Path=Miscellaneous,Jagstang I think it takes the same trem arm as the reissue mustangs. My later reissue fiesta red jag stang uses the same dynamic vibrato and trem arm as my recent mustang project.
  2. Haven't posted here in a while, but thought I would share my freshly completed long suffering project. This is my 1973 Comp-stang Replica project that I completed a couple of weeks ago: This project started back in 2010 when a friend of mine gave me a reissue CIJ mustang body in competition orange with Fiesta Red racing stripe. They had used the guitar as a prop for an advertising shoot and then the crew dismantled it for their own personal projects. All that was left was the body which nobody wanted. I actually think it was one of the JDM "Beck" editions but I didn't get the neck to find out. So it turns out that parts for a Japanese market guitar never sold in the states are not easy to come by. By early 2011 I had managed to figure out that the new MG65 1965 reissue necks sold in America actually fit the body really well, but the pick-guards and other parts did not interchange: So I decided to design my own pickguard shape: Early cardboard mockups were kind of rough. I was a big fan of 1960's and 70's Japanese guitars like Teisco Del Ray with their huge pick-guards with engraved designs so my early designs were influenced by that. Unfortunately, this is as far as I got because in 2011 my first child was born and the guitar project went into a box. However For Christmas that year my wife gave me a set of Duncan Antiquity II mustang pickups, 2 spools of 1960's cloth wiring, and 2 potentiometers and an orange drop capacitor. It all went into the box and sat until earlier this year. Fast forward to January, I am cleaning the garage and I find my box of unfinished guitar projects. I say projects because I some how acquired another jag-stang body and neck (1996 model) for another project as well. Anyway, I realize that I actually have everything but a pickguard to assemble the instrument. I also find out that there is a guy here in columbus, ohio who cuts pickguards. I haul all the crap over to his place and we wine tune my old design: One of the things I hate about the old mustang design is that it has this seperate steel control plate that never fits well and looks like an afterthought: If anyone hasn't worked with the pickguardian before, Tony is an awesome dude and was a lot of fun to work with on a project. I highly recommend him. http://www.pickguardian.com/ If someone wants one of these guards for their own guitar he has the template and can cut the design. with the one piece design I have something that has a more earl 1960's space age shape and it just looks more "organic". Also it recalls some of those Japanese guitars with their massive pickguards: Anyway: I wired it up, my first from scratch job. While my soldering won't win any awards, the guitar does function exactly as it should with no static or interference. I used black hardware as much as I could: tuners, covers, switches, and chicken head knobs stictly as a color choice. wanted this to be a really neat and different looking instrument. So that's it - I still have to set the intonation and make some minor bridge adjustments but it plays well, has a great sound, and I am having a lot of fun with it. Specs: Fender Japan 1973 Comp-Stang reissue body in Comp orange Fender 1965 reissue neck Pickguardian custom cut pickguard in vintage ivory - my design Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups for fender mustang (wax covered) NOS 1960's cloth wire Fender 3 position switchs 250K potentiometers for volume and tone Orange Drop Capacitor Grovers tuners Fender Dynamic Vibrato for reissue guitars (metric) So....what do you think?
  3. I am old fashioned so I do things with scissors, tape, cardboard, tracing paper, and an exacto and not photoshop (even though I used to teach photoshop at a college level). Gonna try the next version this week. I totally agree that it should be a continuous line. I am a little worried it is starting to look a little toronado-ish. But it is certainly different.
  4. I agree, that will be tackled in version mockup 2.0. A friend of mine suggested I mod it this way: I am kinda feeling it, but not sure. Feels a little too "cyclone" to me. What do you all think? I want a bigger guard because I want to experiment with a lot of different onboard configurations (distortion, different wiring setups, etc) and that will give me more mounting room and hide other mods.
  5. Hey all. So I redesigned the pickguard on my stang and could use some other's opinions. Below are photos of the cardboard template I made. Let me know what you think:
  6. thanks, I didn't know a kit like that existed. Is there no benefit to be had by using 500K pots? What alternate wiring are you reffering to? I looked in the mustang FAQ and all I saw was a wiring diagram. Obviously there is someplace else that shows alternate wiring, I just haven't found it yet.
  7. Hey all, So I am putting together a japanese mustang out of parts. It all started when a friend of mine gave me a bare body and neck. I don't have any of the original mustang parts. The body is a japanese market 73 reissue in capri orange. So far all I bought for it are SD antiquities for the mustang. since I am starting from scratch I am not married to any of the stock pots, switches, or other electrics. Any recomendations on brands/electronics I should be on the look out for? I am making my own pickguard out of lexan so it is no biggie to cut space for something not stock.
  8. so my jagstang finally wore out its nut. So I take it to my local independent music store/fender dealer to order a nut and have it put it. just got a call today and Fender does not want to sell me a nut for the jagstang. so...um...where do you guys get your nuts? I am really strapped for time or I would carve one myself.
  9. yeah.....I think I am going to have a pro do this for the moment, but hopefully he'll let me watch him do a nut job and I will then be less intimidated for next time. I can do a lot of things on a guitar but this seems like one of those seemingly simple things that ends up with me crying with a hammer in one hand and a splintered neck in the other.
  10. so I strung up the d'adds and what a glorious mess I have made. I didn't realize it before but the nut on my neck is so worn out that it comes to a very pronounced v in the middle. The G string is resting on the first fret and has a horrible buzz. I am still fiddling with the bridge but it looks like I might just have to replace the nut before continuing. ugh.
  11. I just figured a texas special because it is what the JS was supposed to have originally before fender cheaped out with the neck pup. I am kinda mixing and matching here as I don't really know what will sound good with the dimarzio, since I don't use dimarzio pups usually in my guitars (most of my axes have duncan humbuckers). don't know what shipping will be to the states, but sounds interesting.
  12. I picked up a set of D'add XL 9 gauge and a set of EB super slinky 9 gauges. I am going to try out the d'ads first since the guy at the music store recommended them as well. If I don't like them I will just cut them off. If I do like them, my jag is due for a restring and I will use the EBs on it. I had to open her up over the weekend to "tighten" some loose hardware. The pots were being held in buy their last thread. The neck pickup was just rattling around loose in the body. Since I have it apart - any cheap upgrades I can do right now? I am thinking a set of 500K pots and an orange drop. There is already a Dimarzio in the bridge (I think it is a super E) and the stock single coil in the neck. Can someone recommend a set of pots or will any old ones do? also is the neck pup the same as a strat. I was thinking about replacing the neck with a texas special and all I can find are strat pups.
  13. In my opinion: if you are going to refinish it, do it for yourself and cause you like the color, not because you are going to "maximize the value" because honestly you will lose money. A pro paint job has the potential to cost more than the guitar is worth. Not withstanding that, even if you managed to get her painted for say $300-400 professionally you are still into the guitar for what you paid for it and even then you may only be looking at a $500-$800 sale price. If you are going to do it yourself on the cheap you are probably not the best refinisher on the planet and will not get pro-results and pro money. Also I imagine if you were to repaint it you would want laquer and not the original poly finish as that would increase the value. As a stock guitar, the most your axe will be worth is what it is worth right at this moment. In my opinion touching up the chip will make it look like you were trying to hide some defect in the wood, which that wood looks fine to me. I would give the guitar a good polish on the rest of the finish, and since that chip is not readily visible (it is on the bottom of the guitar) it may not hurt its worth too much.
  14. I have D'addario XLs on my yamaha. I like them, but I am open to considering something different. I used to use Markley Blue Steels in the 1990s but I want to try some thing different.
  15. I think I am going to try to make my own p-guard out of plexiglass. If it sucks I am not out much since I already have a big sheet of it left over from when I made my own motorcycle taillight.
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