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  1. Yeah, most of my stuff was stolen quite a few years back. Bass, 3 guitars, half-stack, practice amp, and 2 pedals. All I have, and used, was in that description in the op. Boss DD-7 @ Lvl: 1o'clock, F.Back: 3o'clock, D.Time: 1o'clock, analog mode Boss MD-2 @ Lvl: 4o'clock, Tone: Maxed(bottom 1o'clock), Distortion: 1o'clock, Gain Boost: 2o'clock And yes, That little crate amp is the only functional one I have, atm. It's not that it's bad, it's just not very big, so it gets pushed futher than it should, probably. It also has a really loud hum when idle, as you can hear before I start playin
  2. Ah.. lame.. what happened to the link embedding and what have you? oh well. straight link it is. xD
  3. Little vid for anyone who wants to check out the TM JM's sound, or remembers me and would like to hear some offbeat original jams. ha Rough draft as it stands, complete with mistakes, interlude has yet to be added, and adlibbed solo section. (Sue me) ;-P Junky (and nearly blown out) crate amp, Boss MD-2 and DD-7, in case anyone is curious. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XV66fDSfbFc Criticism welcome
  4. Hey guys, been like two years since i've been around these parts. But i FINALLY have something to share. ha. threw that last one in there just to show off the grain on the back. i love this thing. i know a few have been posted already, but this one is mine. hahahaha, AND i only JUST noticed i haven't stopped playing it long enough to take the stickers off the neck plate. also, not to be offtopic but, Mad-Mike, should you ever see this, i just put two and two together and figured out you're the dude who wrote hermit. that song is badass, did you have to do anything special to set
  5. big long now, paper cuts, sifting. i love all nirvana, but if i were to play one live, i'd want a one that just made everyone watching feel strange. especially in this day and age where all i hear are either second rate "core" bands who think they can play metal because last week they learned how to tune to drop d or the same ol' rehashed b.s. 4 chord pop structure. sigh..
  6. tom delonge used one in a semi-hollow gibson model. look up stuff on the new blink album or maybe some angels and airwaves stuff.. don't care if anyone does or doesn't like either of those bands. haha just the only dude i know who you could get a demo of it ha
  7. honestly, i like the mustang bridge. its smooth on the palm and i have always found it more comfy than say a strat bridge with all those screws hanging about. its all personal preferance though. try lots of different guitars at a shop to get a feel for what you do and don't like.
  8. actually, now that i think of it, i still have my old jag-stangs trembar hah.. only proof that i ever had it really besides a tag or something i may have tucked away.. i always hoped i could reunite it with another js but its starting to look like it may never happen.
  9. i liked the mustang trem.. though, i'd like to see a jag setup.. but then why not just buy the new hh then if you want humbuckers.. lord know how expensive a js reissue would be now.. maybe they'd stay exactly the same and just be weird and cheaper lmao..
  10. in these terms, i'm only just finding myself.. im still tinkering around with styles. im a self confessed rhythm player, but i guess thats just to be expected when you start on bass.. just the way i go about it i guess.. i like simple atmospheric rhythm and complex (but not overly) bass driving it on.. lead varys by mood.. same with synth and keys. but to get back on topic, i'd say my jag-stang before it was stolen.. like i've said a million times.. that neck was great.. i'm VERY close to giving up on the jaguar idea and looking for another js because of this fender pricing nonsense.. plus i
  11. que? just saying.. we know the general area to look, if we were to get it and it not be shared as agreed. lame dumb joke, i know
  12. no worries.. its just odd.. it's as though they never existed lol. i'm shocked that i cant find anything on them at all...
  13. my friend has one but doesnt play so he let me borrow it indefinately, looks old as sin .. but i've googled it and nothing came up. anyone ever hear of these and/or know when they were made?? i'm too lazy to pull it apart and look for some markings and theres nothing on the outside thats an indication...
  14. sg is one of the only gibson designs i like but they're too thin for my tastes.. i play too crazy for something like that, i feel i could break one and thats not worth a grand to me.. i do really like firebirds though.. atleast as for as looks go..
  15. Welcome, but you need to be hazed to be a true member. . Lucky you.. i've been wanting a jag for 5 years now and the price increase has made that a near impossibility, so i envy you already, new guy haha. but you have come to the right place.. i dont think you'll have a hard time talking to people around here for hours about jags ha. i dunno about the bridge cover, but you may be able to trade your pg to someone who has a darker one for a cij jag, (if i had the brown, i'd trade you in a second personally.) also, i just came back from la. i was visiting my lady over there. wonderful chang
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