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  1. My current Jag....Ice Blue AV: My two previous Jags...CIJs: I wish I hadn't sold the CAR one.
  2. I agree with the above....Jags aren't really going to do it for grunge. Though the pickups are great, they really aren't well suited for extreme distortion...
  3. Any Mustang or JM/Jag bridge will drop right in. I wouldn't use Graphtech saddles, because IIRC, CIJ Jags are grounded through the bridge posts. If you used those, you'd have to run a ground wire to the tailpiece. Here's the weird cross-section: AV Jazzmasters: Grounded at Bridge.................CIJ Jazzmasters: Grounded at Tailpiece AV Jags: Grounded at Tailpiece........................CIJ Jags: Grounded at Bridge They are opposites...I don't understand why. You'd think the US JMs would be the same as the US Jags, but they are backward.
  4. I ordered a Tele Deluxe last week, and it arrived today! I'm so excited. It really plays nicely, and the pickups sound great. I didn't think I'd like the 12" radius and medium jumbos, until I played one at Guitar Center for an hour last week. I love this thing!
  5. I'm not really in to Country, but I'm in a Country band....Probably makes no sense. If someone were to play Country on the radio, I'd be the first to change it. I do like the old stuff, though.
  6. I once bought a brand new guitar with an active boost, and it started smoking when I put the battery in and plugged the guitar in! It happens. Sometimes QC lets 'em by, from MIC>MIA doesn't matter.
  7. Any tuning probs I've had have been from binding at the nut. IMO, locking tuners are overkill, and completely unnecessary. Most of them are ugly, too. If your guitar won't stay in tune, make sure the bridge is centered in the thimbles and the strings are moving smoothly through the nut.
  8. That's definitely not normal. When the guitar's in the middle position, try tapping on the bridge pickup, then the neck pickup. If the volume is way less when you tap the bridge pickup, you probably have some sort of wiring prob.
  9. Mine is usually: AV Jazzmaster or Tele > BOSS TU-2 > Visual Sound Jekkyl and Hyde > EHX LPB-1 (Boost) > BOSS TR-2 tremolo > BOSS CH-2 Chorus > EHX Small Stone > '71 Twin Reverb or Hot Rod Deluxe Most of it:
  10. Sounds like some good mods. Have you checked out Curtis Novak pickups? They are a little more $$$$ than the Antiquities, but you can have them wound to your specs. Also, the AV '62 pickups are pretty good, and cheaper. I would also recommend replacing the cheap pots and skimpy wiring while you are at it with some CTS pots and cloth wire. I am a fan of the stock bridges, so I can't help you with the Mustang thing. I think the stock ones need proper adjustment to work well, and most people don't take the time. A Mustang bridge is better than a buzzstop, though. Shielding is a great thin
  11. I agree with Robert...Some of the bits aren't original, and it's a refin. The tort doesn't look original, and the tuners are crap. The decal is wonky, but that could be just because of its left-handedness.(Is that a word?) Awesome guitar, though...
  12. Great score! My acoustic should be in a bin....I call it the campfire guitar. I take it camping with me. If I ever run out of wood, I'll just throw that bi tch in there.
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