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  1. I've posted crappy pics on this website :http://img707.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=1000330n.jpg If anyone wants these you can pm me, i'll send out to the first one i get. thanks
  2. Btw i forgot to mention that these things are free. i'll cover the postage for them within the u.k so long as they go to a good home. Just in case any one was wondering about cost. Outside the uk i've been quoted around 60 gbp and i have to say the goods are not really not worth that much, just thinking would make a nice project for someone at no cost, kinda repay all the free info i've taken from the site over the years. cheers
  3. Hi Everybody. i've beem spring cleaning and came across two items i was planning to throw out or evilbay but instead thought someone on here might have a better use for them. The first is a telecaster body made of somekind of basswood. It's very light and has been routed for pickup and control cavities. It also has the neck pocket routed for a standard tele neck. It has not been drilled for a bridge or pickguard ect. It does have a tearout on the back opposite where the strap button would be tho. Cant really comment on how it would sound, it was really a tester for my mate who built an a
  4. It is possible depending on what you want to do with it. I converted an old Hackett stereo with a couple of ECL86 valves into a 7 watt guitar amp using a Vox AC4 schematic. Dismantled it totally first tho. Really depends how up to scratch your electronics skills are. These sites really helped: www.ax84.com mhuss.com paulamps.com www.18watt.com Hope this helps.
  5. That guitar looks fantastic! Congrats on one top quality build.
  6. I thought they were pretty decent for squire stock pickups, but i switched them and in retrospect they are pretty naff.
  7. Thats what i suspected, that the bodies were made 25.5 scale. No problem tho as the body is being made from scratch so i'll use a 25.5" scale and fit a gen 3 jagmaster neck. It wont be "true" shortscale but this is all about getting as close to a mustang without paying mustang prices. I'm trying to show a band i'm working with that they can get pretty close to having jag/jazz/stang and still stick to a razor thin budget!!!! Thanks for the info.
  8. Apologies if this has already been asked but... I'm thinking about building a mustang project and in an effort to save money come up with this idea for the neck. I could pick up a cheap second hand jagmaster and removing the neck and replacing it with a strat neck. Then modding the jagmaster into some sort of jazzmaster type thing with P-90's and jazzy switching. Then taking the jagmaster neck and putting that on a self built mustang body. Now i know that jagmasters have conversion necks but how will this affect the bridge placement on the mustang body? Will i still be able to set it at 2
  9. Sorry i took so long to reply here, been struck down with swine flu. There are two ampegs, a warwick, Roland JC-120, a line 6 head and two peaveys. The ampegs and warwick i would consider some of the better bass/ guitar amps i've ever played. The roland and peaveys a good solid guitar amps that dont require a whole lot of looking after. (you could throw a peavey amp through a brick wall). The line six was on sale. I don't think i'd go as far as to say they are as good as tube amps, but with a decent setup they can come pretty close to the sound, which is great if your on a small company
  10. I kind of like the kid. I don't know if i'd have put with as much crap as he's taken and still continue to post. Also i dont know if i'd had the guts to knock up a project like his at 16 and post it on a forum to be judged by everyone. Kids got balls. Plus he is not the worst person by far on an internet forum, at least he's fairly polite and answers questions instead of replying "#### SUCKING NOOB" like on other places i could mention. Not the worst by far at all. but then i dont have kids....
  11. I looked at getting a solid state for home use but after extensive testing in reverb music shop i settled on a blackheart 5 watt tube amp. The solid state amps had more on board effects, but its nothing i could not do with a good effects board. Most on board effects sounded bad. On saying that i own a fender champ xd an its pretty good. If anyones half decent at electronics you can build your own amp over at 18watt.com or ax84.com. I'm building one at the moment. If it turns out well i'll post here, if it goes badly just look under the headline "twat fries self in amp shocker" in the pape
  12. I can agree with part of what Darth Ravenous is saying. I am lucky enough to have two friends who own a small studio in leicester and often ask me to help out when i can afford the time. I do see a lot of people bringing in expensive tube amps that are really no better than the HIGH end solid state amps we have on site. They can be quite snobby about ss amps, even when their own amps are detrimental to the sound they want. Some people just think that spending
  13. If youre not totally comfortable using a router i'd do what harrison suggested and grab a lil' 50 from seymour duncan or Dimarzio ProTrack. It's easier to drop a single coil humbucker in than take a chunk of wood out your guitar. saves on the pickguard too. Of course i don't know if you used woodworking tools. Fran would give you a better idea of the difficulty level. I think he's a carpenter.
  14. I've run down animals that ended up looking better than that guitar
  15. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FENDER-DUO-SONIC-MIM-RARE-DISCONTINUED_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ65Q3a12Q7c66Q3a2Q7c39Q3a1Q7c72Q3a1688Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem1c0af17a9aQQitemZ120442682010QQptZUKQ5fMusicalQ5fInstrumentsQ5fGuitarsQ5fCVQQsalenotsupported This is a 90's duo sonic for sale on ebay. Got a 22.5" scale as well. Dont know if you're uk based tho.
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