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  1. Yea i'm not a big fan of single coil pickups either but my Jazzmasters stock pickups sound great. It plays amazing.
  2. wow thats a pretty good deal. I couldnt get a deal like that if my life depended on it Geez!
  3. I'd say check out ebay . I got mine on there for $850 with a hard shell case and an extra pick guard
  4. Whose your favorite Jaguar/Jazzmaster guitar players? Mine would be Gavin Rossdale, Kurt Cobain and Thom Yorke
  5. Idk a red pick guard might look good
  6. I'd say go for the Jaguar. Mustangs are good but I think Jaguars are easier to play.
  7. what kind of pickups did kurt use in his mustangs?
  8. I was just wondering if anyone had a sunburst jaguar they would want to sell
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