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  1. omg, got it working. the parallel wiring at least. will do the phase part later. anyway.. LOT's of more output, it's ballsy, not shrill and, wow, finally a middle position on my jag that i like. i like it, brings out more colors than the usual middle position. and when i hit the low e, it's like roooaarr. i wish that applied to all positions, but that's not possible. ): i'd SO much like my bridge pup get that power. thanks for the help! when i finish the phase part, i'll get plenty of sounds to experiment with.
  2. I think I'll have some time in the weekend to finish this. I'll let ya know. Thanks for the advice, btw!
  3. This is what I think I've done so far: My pickups are SD Antiquities and they have 4 solder points on each pickup, I thought I'd say. Anyway. If I had both pickups on OFF position, they'd be in series? And the phase switch should work in all cases? I'm not an expert on electronic. The problems I'm having so far: When I have the neck switch on, it works as it's supposed to. Same with the bridge. And same with "both on". Exactly as they're supposed to be. BUT ALL down - only bridge pickup works neck/bridge down + Former Bass-Cut up- nothing. Silence. Neck up + former bass-cut up- neck pup. ALL UP + former bass-cut up - nothing Bridge up + former bass-cut - nothing Can anyone analyze my schematics a bit and help me find the problem?
  4. GFS Memphis (Jangle) http://store.guitarfetish.com/meal2ritovij.html
  5. She'll probably sell it for more shoes.
  6. Awesome, yes. Can we expect some youtube videos or some sound clips maybe?
  7. It's just as simple as that. My Jag is MIJ too. I suspected it was 94/95, while actually it's 2008. See for yourself: http://www.fenderjapan.co.jp/faq/serial.htm
  8. ^ I have tried to play lefty for fun. It feels so wrong and illogical, but it's a challenge.
  9. Mike, could you tell us about the rails+claws thingy a bit more? how did you manage them to fit?
  10. Get it's neck set right. It should be slightly bowed in - strings are further from the neck - no fret buzz. But you could start by raising the bridge (not the saddles.. well, you can't anyway) and see if that helps.
  11. You would stop playing a song on stage if a string broke? Hm. I guess I'd change to a backup guitar, while letting others continue. xD I don't really know, I have never thought about it. ):
  12. ^ I don't get that point. Who would continue playing, if a string broke? (I mean live wise.)
  13. Well, Brian Molko from Placebo was inspired by Sonic Youth to get some Jaguars. But I think it was the Japanese one. It was olympic white with tort guard and he called it "Snowwhite". During their tour after their first album he had collected enough money to buy a vintage one in US. He bought 2 red vintage Jaguars (63 and 65 with dots and binding) "Bitch" and "Louise" + a blue vintage Jazzmaster with white pearloid pickguard "Goddess". They also bought two Bass VI's. One red, one sunburst. He has more, but I don't have any details on the others. Some more quotes and then some pics. (He left out Louise and Snowwhite and Goddess is actually a Jazzmaster.) Pics: http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee21 ... ed/p14.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee21 ... louise.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee21 ... wwhite.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee21 ... japjag.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee21 ... d/jags.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee21 ... oddess.jpg PLUS i really love their early lives. WATCH THOSE!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZMie5jHkqA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTGMyac4kgo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb2J1URZpBA
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