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  1. well i mean impedance deals with volume and tone (inthis context), and if done properly, there shouldn't be any voltage issues (although it would be good to ground the radio), but i don't think that people modding valve radios into guitar amps are particularly worried about keeping all of the definition in the sound
  2. i dont think most radio amps are this thought through
  3. I understand that it is possible, and that it can be relatively simple. each tube radio has a tube amp as part of the output stage, so the simplest way to do it is to disconnect the part if the circuit receiving the transmission, and to insert the guitar signal at that point. however, this would probably be harder than it sounds, unless you have a schematic. i've also heard of more complex mods where the circuit is rearranged to utilize more tube stages... try to find the schematic online first. Do you have any electronics/soldering skills?
  4. built/spraypainted a pedalboard last night, inspired by the gorm project. also, got an mc404 mxr wah, and a general guitar gadgets DIY shin-ei fuzz, which i'll hopefully start this week (once my new iron comes). i'll post pics of the board if i remember (which i wont)
  5. i don't think they're hard to play on, but i do think they sound like ####
  6. pingium is correct, i don't see any other problems with it but i may be incorrect. interesting mod though, good work indeed.
  7. That bastard! How many cholesterol-related deaths has he indirectly caused? Too many I say. His reign of terror must be stopped! yea, america would make a game where you have to eat everything to win...
  8. thanks fran. I find conspiracies to be most boring relative to "invisible hand" systems. IE, the amazing propaganda systems of the developed world which develop not out of conspiracy but out of a variety of common influences (profit motive, wealth of ownership, and the nature of advertising namely) profoundly more interesting because their nature is much more mysterious and powerful, they are more than the sum of their parts, like the human brain. anyway, don't mean to jack the thread. if you like conspiracy theories, google MK ultra.
  9. been reading alot of subversive literature, etc. less time for JS. anyway, if anybody cares: Jaime Roldos Aguilera was elected in the first democratic election ever in Ecuador's history, running on promises of stopping exploitation by US power centers (gov't, corporations, etc.). He was actually implementing these reforms (refusing to sell any crude whatsoever) when he died in a plane crash in the mountains of Ecuador. The CIA was at the scene immediately, and it was sealed off to Ecuador investigators. The engines were later proven to have stopped before the crash.
  10. the neck is awesome, i sprayed a thin coat of clear from the car shop and it feels slightly more glossy than my affinity strat but not so much so that it gets sticky. Unfortunately there wont be another one any time soon because i need to save monies for going to Ecuador in 2011 (four grand) i will demo it when i get some new valves, unless you want to hear it through a behringer bass amp ecuador wins. just hope the US doesn't install some fascist dictator while you're over there interesting aside: ecuador's first democratically elected president (ever) was assassinated by the CIA
  11. AHHH thanks, that makes sense. i actually know the difference know: its not a circuit, its a physical filter to keep out breathing noises, etc. it's apparently undesirable to some because w/out the filter, there's a bass boosting effect at close range - you can't get close enough with the filter to create that effect.
  12. thanks for the recommendations, I ended up getting a fulltone 70. the ottava magus by catalinbread is amazing, that will probably be my next fuzz. and I do plan on buying a shin-ei from mr hulio eventually. steve, would you say the peppermint is better than the 70?
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