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  1. haven't seen you around in aaaaaaaaaaaaages grant, how's it going? What colour is it going to be? Is it just the electronics that need finishing now? Have you considered lace sensors?
  2. there are a number of luthiers at offsetguitars.com who can probably do a lot of the work for you. Also there's guitar mill
  3. That's a very cool idea, make sure you keep us posted on how it goes for you, good luck
  4. This is what it's trying to emulate I think
  5. It has done so far, it's difficult getting it in tune in the first place with all those strings though the other acoustics I have are a cort and an ashland by crafter, both are very good for their price range
  6. I restrung it today and found a pickup in there, I assumed it didn't have one because there's no preamp and the jackplug's in the strap button so I didn't notice it Score
  7. Played this guitar a couple of weeks ago in the shop round the corner from me and just couldn't resist. Popped in on the way home from school and nabbed it for £120
  8. In answer to the original post, you should use the money to come find me and form an awesometacular band And Glenn, I has strat in ma pictar so I win
  9. chopped down a cherry tree today, maybe one day it'll be my next guitar project

    1. feedbackismyfriend


      what're u George Washington now?

  10. The blue lace sensor in bridge postition certainly dirties up nicely in my strat
  11. No one is forcing you to stay that's not strictly true jason
  12. red/silver/blue from neck to bridge, I use all the positions about equally. I also have a push pull which makes just the neck pup with tone bypass
  13. I put lace sensors in mine, and it became my favourite guitar
  14. how many times have we heard this from Robbmonster fixed it's not jason's fault though
  15. how many times have we heard this from luthiers
  16. you haz teh freaking glennz too?
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