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  1. Not my thing I'm afraid... Just doesn't do anything for me. That Squier 51 however... WOW!
  2. This is very true... Makes sense really, I guess!! haha
  3. Sorry about my inactivity of late, Uni's just been tests tests tests lately... :(

    1. Robbmonster


      I've been inactive lately too, as I'm sure most others. Not many new topics getting started, spammers like Mr Kurdt seem to have been weeded out, and I personally havent' had much to report on the guitar front...

    2. Mustang-Pete


      I'm exactly the same, what with so much work to do I've been finding it hard to even play lately let alone talk about guitars... :(

  4. Interesting that about the thumbs over thing. I do that most of the time, though I tend to switch between (obviously) depending on what shape/chord I'm playing. Am I the only person here who likes hard V necks?
  5. Well it's good to be back. Quiet round these parts now though...

    1. feedbackismyfriend


      ya it is, but still good to see you man

  6. Sorry, I know this is quite an old topic, but I feel I should post this for completion When I said reissue before I was referring to the 90s Fender reissue, not the Squier Classic Vibe ones. And a slab body is exactly what you described the '65 Mustang as, i.e. the same thickness all over the body. I think the original Duo-Sonics were just a slab body. Hope that's cleared things up
  7. I think they were just slab bodies. The reissue certainly is just a slab body, so I presume the originals were too. And, no, I don't think they were offset at all
  8. Hehe I've seen that before. You know, I'm tempted to get a HM-2 just to see what all the fuss is about. I've never actually played with one and you guys are always raving about them...
  9. me too same here bought it used for 400 Get some pics up of it then 400 USD or 400 GBP? I got mine for
  10. It truly is a beauty, Rich. I'm a very jealous man. I never actually knew you had it, when did you get it?
  11. This is true, I think it was a soft V that I played. My banjo actually has a V shaped neck and it's great
  12. That thing looks clean. Love it, man, great steal
  13. Beautiful guitar!! But why oh why did you put those stickers on it?!?
  14. I've played strats with V shape necks, they're surprisingly comfy actually! In fact I'd go as far as say I prefer them the C shape ones. They're really slim and niiiice
  15. It's always a good day when someone gets a new guitar Look forward to seeing the pics!
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