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  1. that was the dumbest thing ive ever read on ebay.
  2. Sorry this is kind of random but i was just thinking in my head "She dreams in color, she dreams in red, can't find a vedderman" sorry ill go away now -____- again really nice Jazzy
  3. D: I cant read that lol But thanks the guy whos going to fix my pedal should be able to cos hes wire savvy I've had my small clone for about two or three years, maybe more. Changing the battery is enough to have one of the wire snap. imo some werent connected that well. just soldered at the very tip, just enough to get current to flow. i think EH needs to stop exposing the pedals guts(speaking from my experience with the SC) because that just increases vulnerability to a problem.
  4. Definitely. I think the toronado is a downright ugly guitar, but i dont know how it sounds. Me personally, id go with the jagmaster.
  5. Yeah so some wires detached from my Small Clone and i have a friend who can solder them back into their proper places when he gets back from Marine training, the only problem is that i dont know where they go or where they came from. Can somebody post a link to a Small Clone wiring guide or the inside of its guts so i can figure it out? Much appreciation.
  6. Yeah, the pickups look really original and so does the REFINISH..... WTF non matching headstock What a douche! I know right? But if it was buy it now for $100 I'd ttoooottaallllyyyy buy it...
  7. ahhaha But that aside. Awesome! I have the classic player Jag, for whatever thats worth , and its a solid guitar. I considered the jazzy though. I'll probably get one eventually.
  8. Wow thats nice. DO WANT! I cant afford a mustang either so my duo sonic will just have to do.
  9. My first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul 100 in heritage cherry sunburst i got back in 2004.
  10. That was kinda funny. Anyway... I don't like the way SGs look. Plus the Gibson neck is a big turn off for my lil' girl hands. BUT I would get one more Gibson in my lifetime and thats a TV Yellow Les Paul special, exactly like the one BanditGuitarist happened upon.
  11. Holy shi~!! Thats my dream les paul. Good find!
  12. Maybe he's not a native english speaker and is typing how they talk?
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