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  1. Vaselines rule. Saw them live towards the end of last year, another band ticked off the list
  2. No, was made and ready to ship before he died. Hence why they are less desirable.
  3. It's true, he doesn't play his signature model he has it on standby. the sig model is a replica of his green jazzy that is actually an allparts body... Lee however does play his sig model! anyway, yes you would have a nice replica, however to really make a replica you need to start with an american made jazzy, will be a massive difference in quality. I have the real thurston deal though, and it is a beauty, worth every penny.
  4. Well, as per the below post I enquired about the Sonic Youth Jazzys last week to be told Fender were no longer manufacturing them, had sold out of the Lee Ranaldo model and had 2 Thurston Moore models left. After a bit of bartering and them offering me a great deal I put down a deposit. When I ordered my Jag-Stang it took months to arrive, not the case this time, 8 days later and I had it in my grubby hands with some of it's new friends; Currently tuned in DDAF#AD
  5. Went to see Sonic Youth the night before NYE in Manchester, then the next morning visited a music shop and made enquries about both of these models... These are no longer in production and fender had sold out of the Lee Ranaldo jazzblaster, they had 2 Thurston ones left. As of last week they now only have one left in stock as I am now the proud owner of my 6th guitar and 1st Jazzmaster happy times!!
  6. Hi guys, been a while... Been thinking of getting a Sonic Youth Jazzmaster/blaster but cannot find any online existance of them! at least not in the UK and all the US places don't ship to the UK due to fender being mongs. There used to be a really cheap online european place that sold fenders, any pointers chaps?? Cheers!
  7. Thanks for the great advice, but this thread is a year old, i have a Jb, it isn't noisy and sounds great.
  8. Give yourself to the dark side.
  9. A lot of techs will pick up and drop off at a music shop once or twice a week, so most jobs take a week, as for the stand get a hercules, see the thread about stands below that caused one to crack...
  10. Great job there, looks awesome! what pups and switching are you using?
  11. Take the pg off and take it with you and see if they can match it
  12. It's probably worth about as much as you just paid for it... :-/
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