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  1. I would go with Curtis Novak's pickups if you are trying to recreate that tone. Handwound, and around 90 shipped. But, I haven't tried antiquities, so
  2. I'm 90% sure they ship with .010s, but I need verification. I use .011s on my Jaguar which seem to be perfect, not to flimsy for heavy rawking, yet thing enough to bend without much resistance. I think .011s are the way to go, but try 'em yourself.
  3. You have 237 posts, thats fourteen posts a day. You're in no place to tell anyone they spend to much time on a computer.
  4. it's not like i've NEVER had an amp...sheesh,,.. if u feel that sorry for me.. gimme an amp!!!! lol Seriously, you have one of the most beautiful guitars ever (imo), and you selling it to get cheap thrills out of a TV screen. Keep the guitar. /thread
  5. well, you spend too much time being a douche bag! so... id rather spend time at a desk. a shower bag? what is that.. for keepin your noggin dry? Your icon displeases me. That is all.
  6. Yeah, apparently Js kinda a bitch (to lou at least). I don't really listen to Lou-less dino. When I saw them there was so much tension between them, J seemed uptight but Lou actually spoke to the crowd and had funny. Energetic player! I like the current gaurd. ^^ You've talked yo J? Cool!
  7. Much more appealing w/ out the gold gaurd. Cool guitar!
  8. I really want him to post again.
  9. "Sounds like a cool guitar." "t3h KURT BASTARD #### ALL YOUS!!"
  10. Spot of confusion about the TOM, I was told you can't use one with the trem.
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