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  1. yep. I'd agree What colour is that? Ocean Turquoise?
  2. I have now rewired it exactly as the diagram shows and ...... IT'S WORKING! All except the tone control. Anyone see anything unusual with the wiring on that diagram? I'm not sure it looks right? Good to have sound and I hardly ever use the tone control anyway, but if it was easy to get it working I'd do it. Thanks everyone for your help and input on this. http://www.jag-stang.com/MrMaxima/gpphotos/SDmust.html
  3. OK -- I've amended the wiring diagram to show what I have. It looks very wrong! Now I'm trying to work out how this guitar ever worked before! I've never touched the wiring but the last time I used it it worked fine! Since then it's been in a case in my attic! How could it ever have worked?
  4. Am I reading the diagram ... http://www.jag-stang.com/MrMaxima/gpphotos/SDmust.html correctly? It looks like the jack goes to the volume and the other wire from the jack is grounded?
  5. http://www.jag-stang.com/MrMaxima/gpphotos/SDmust.html
  6. Thanks - good idea. Not the problem at the moment but I'm going to do this anyway.
  7. It shouldn;t be a problem of the jack hitting to grounding once the plate is back in as I'm not screwing the plate back in and it basicly works with the jack input out of the plate and stops as soon as the jack input even touches the plate. So there must be a short somewhere or one of the pots not working properly. On someones recommendation I've swapped the wires over on the jack input. I've never rewired it(and it worked fine before) so this shouldn't be the problem and it did look correct compared to wiring diagrams. Now however, with the wires the wrong way round I have sound. No vol or tone controls though. Which leads me to think its a problem with the vol or tone pot. I'm now trying to learn to test to see if a vol or tone pot works or is faulty with a multimeter. Any tips anyone? If the wiring between the vol and tone pots is incorrect how would it have worked before? I've never previousley touched any of the wiring on this guitar.
  8. another photo... all the wiring seems to correspond to the wiring diagram and nothing looses touching plate. Pots are actng strange though when jack input is hanging loose and guitar is making sound... volume is acting like a tone control, not a volume and tone is doing nothing. I CAN GET SOUND LIKE THIS IF THE JACK INPUT IS LOOSE!
  9. Strange thing is, the volume and tone pots make no difference at all when the jack isn't in the plate. Starting to guess that it's something to do with one of the pots and a short somewhere, but it's a fairly simple circuit so I can't imagine much being wrong. Any electronics experts out there?
  10. WE HAVE SOUND!!! It is now working but only when the jack input is removed from the plate that holds it and the tone, volume switches. When it is fitted back in the plate it goes silent again? ALl I can think is maybe there is meant to be some isolating rubber washer to stop the metal of the jack input contacting the metal of the plate that got lost when I previousley opened it up years back. Anyone got a Mustangto hand that they could look at?
  11. I tried this. No static, no crackle, no sound. I do get a good signal showing wiring is all good from the jack through to the pickups. I've put switch spray in the switches in case they're eroded, but still no diference.
  12. True. Thats's what I was saying. If the Jag I played was a classic player it would have a 9.5" radius fretboard, which felt flatter than my Mustang, which is likely to be a 7.5" radius. The thing that confused me is that the guy in the store said it was a 62 reissue. He must have been wrong. The action was actually pretty good. Low with no buzz and the neck felt good to play, just no quite as slim or curved as my Mustang. Probably only noticed it as I'm used to my Mustang.
  13. How could it be the strings? They're new Ernie Ball 11's. The same as the previous ones.
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