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  1. toaki, Ibanez and fernandes/Burny were the three major "law-suit" companies. with the 70's having exact copies, and the 80's seeing small changes in headstock design to make money while lawsuits are in litagation. but basically any guitar made in the 70-80's from any one of those 3 companies were close enough to the fender/gibson product to actually make them worry. (they didn't give a crap at first)... but after awhile it became apparent that people were getting a much better deal with the copies.
  2. jaguar BASS $700 -------------- http://www.music123.com/Fender-Jaguar-B ... 1123.music here's the black one http://fender.com/products/prod_images/basses/0259505506_xl.jpg
  3. the only time i really think about theory is when i'm over dubbing. the basic backing tracks rarely get a second thought. They're never complicated, and usually only use a handful of chords. the theory comes in when i'm trying to give depth to a guitar part. I usually will pick out the 3rds and 5ths of various chords in the progression and then try to move between then in relation to the chords being played. depending on how you use that you can really lift a song up and make it seem quite fresh. Though lately after all these years everything really does sound so boring and predictable. I
  4. this is perfect... the diffrence is in the tonality. while your essentially playing the same pool of notes.. the mixolydian will have a G tonality and will want to end on G while the progression will have a C tonality and want to end on C. Since G is a 5th of C it'll complement each other well and sound a bit diffrent from just Cmaj scale (i.e. Ionian mode) a C maj over a C major will sound much happier and joyful then a C mixolydian over a Cmaj progression. here is a quick little sample i did. you'll notice a subtle diffrence between the two modes over the same progression. (25seconds into
  5. let me try to explain it for you all in it's most basic terms. Without all the big scary words that confuse the hell out of all of us. now i'm just going to assume you know absolutly nothing, so no one gets lost. Major, Minor , Dominant , Diminshed, and Augmented are all types of chords. Nothing more or nothing less. Major chords= Happy Minor chords = Sad Dominant chords= bluesy Diminshed = "cartoon chords" (play this dimished chord fill) e-2-3-4 b-1-2-3 g-2-3-4 d-1-2-3 play it slowly. it should sound like in the cartoons when bugs bunny is sneaking up on elmer fud and ####. thats w
  6. i have mine wired to the neck one facing the neck and the bridge one facing the bridge is phase. all other combos is just both pickups on. i usually turn 'em both on normally.
  7. Yeah that's pretty much it, but you must remember the note beneath doesn't mean you remove the above note from the triad. E/B would still have an E note voiced somewhere in the chord. Also, the note outside the chord may not neccessarily be in that chord's normal triad to begin with (for instance E/C), in which cases I just generally play the normal chord and let the bass player fill in the additional note. My favorite chord is basically the scale degrees 1 3 5 7 9 in any key, which I think would just be called a Major7 add 9, but I'm not sure. The coolest voicing I've found for C Major7 a
  8. depends on which chord we're talking about. an E/b is a E chord with a B as bass root instead of the E i recomend you pickup the latest issue of guitar world as they made a center fold that if my students bought would basically put me outta business. shows you every chord, and scale you'll ever need to know basically. my new fav. chord is the Em add 9 -0- -0- -0- -4- -2- -0-
  9. haha well... i still have the neck thats has the # on it.. so that counts right? U021663
  10. it's a cool story.. but pink paisley kinda sucks.. i liked blue better. .. actuallly it's still a cool story. true or not. but still why lie?
  11. kim gordon in a dwarf. okay not technically but, when i talked to her in portland i was taken back by how freakin' tiny she really was.
  12. i wouldn't of bought a jag-stang if anyone else designed it. i don't give a #### what you people think about it. no one else should either. because people who give you #### for it.. are just pretentious snobs anyway. #### 'em
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