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  1. Really cool stang, i wouldn't refinish it, the guitar has character. The only revisions i suggest is to maybe put some black pickup covers on the pups, and to refret the guitar if the frets are worn, i guess changing the pickguard might improve the look, but definately hang on to it if you remove it.
  2. Yeah this guy is definately dangerous if he broke into your house, and second of for all u know the guy could have found this site and is looking at ur posts, i mean because if the guy saw this he would know ur plan if it works out with the cops, it's unlikely, but just sayin yeah
  3. Here's a vid of kurt using a telecaster.
  4. This is an interview of Kurt Cobain a while back, before he had the bleached hair too. I was just wondering if anyone new what year this interview could have been recorded in.
  5. Dude that sucks about your stang. I would check ur local craiglist and ebay to make sure they're are not trying to sell it.
  6. Personally i think that they are both good looking guitars, the jaguar in my opinion can be too complex sometimes, and is much more jazzed up with effects then it needs to be, personally l think the fender mustang is a great looking guitar, frankly the 1969 fender mustang competition with matching headstock, is the best looking guitar fender ever made in my opinion, sound wise, they are pretty similar, although you can tweak the sound much more with the jaguar. In my opinion the jag stangs are cool looking guitars, i personally probably wouldn't buy one unless i had the other two already, the problem with the jag stang is it is hard to find one of good quality, i mean there are some nice ones out that people messed around with and modded, now are wicked nice guitars, but just the regular stock models i haven't found anything special to brag about with them, other then the Kurt Cobain written on the back of the headstock.
  7. This guys singing sounds a lot like cobain, and also looks somewhat like him, just watch the vid you'll see. Best lounge act cover i have ever seen
  8. I hate Guns and roses, i think the lyrics in the songs are dumb. lets repeat welcome to the jungle over and over again lyrics are just lame
  9. Nice do you know how he got them all is he rich, how u know him, and you think he could put some close up pics of some the comp stangs i would love too see em.
  10. Check out this video, a lot of cool mustangs, and vintage guitars.
  11. This is really off topic but i came across this, acording to this love is responsible. http://entertainment.oneindia.in/music/ ... 70908.html
  12. I know really, who drills a hole in a guitar owned by kurt cobain by given to him by his widow, my advice to him is he should have learned to play it left handed, rather then drill i hole in it. On another not while we're talking about guitars of dead people, did you guys see the first guitar jimi hendrix set on fire sold for half a mill, was in the boston globe, he said he's gonna play it to looks playable too even though it was lit on fire. I really want to know how much kurts sold for. I agree that it souds like a bunch of bull####, but it could be true i wanna see the pictures.
  13. Jesus christ how did this is an old post of mine. how did this guy know to find it. Anyways if he is telling the truth i would love to see the pictures, must have been pretty cool to own it, should have sold it to me then get ripped off
  14. Kurt is using the comp mustang in this, but what is funny is that Dave Grohl is playing a kids mini drumset, pretty cool, actually sounds good. here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeGT_XuZ ... re=related
  15. I would say anywhere between 900 to 1200, prob around 1000 to 1100.
  16. 1973 fender mustang comp candy apple, andy guesseson what it will go for, there was also a comp blue with matching hs 1968, but it seams to to be gone as of yesterday when the auction was gonna end in 3 days, i didn't see anybids either, but anyways any guesses on this guitar. http://cgi.ebay.com/1973-Fender-Mustang ... dZViewItem
  17. thanks for the info man I liked the guy's playing so I tried to do some research. Turns out Smoky was the song, and Char is the name of the guitarist. Here is a profile that I found on him http://nippop.com/artist/artist_id-216/ ... name-char/ It seems as though Char changes guitars to suit the sound he wants. Here are some interesting credits for one of his records... http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... soft:en-au He seems to favour Telecasters (on this record, at least) and only plays a Mustang on one track. However, the Tele-favouring is to be taken with a grain of salt, as Char once released an album called 'Mustang' I'd never heard of him until you posted the link, so good find as far as I'm concerned
  18. Its not on incestiside nevermind in utero or bleach, is it on any of the bootleg albums. Its a great song, you sure nirvana wrote. i thought it could be a the cars song, since he did covers of them.
  19. Its not a mustang, because it has gibson style switching, and i meant dou-sonic, not cyclone, see here's a picture of a dousonic i think its a modded fender dousonic. But it does have the wammy bar, so it could be a modded mustang. http://www.guitarsandeffects.com/images/duosonic59.jpg
  20. This jappanese band i think its called like smoky or something, anyways the guy plays a competition blue fender cyclone pretty cool modded with hum in neck, not a huge fan of the song, although the guitar playing is good, but the guitar is cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKRk4CXVTB0
  21. Watch this video, there is a tone of cool fender mustang style guitars pretty cool.
  22. Dude, fran is this you in the video, the mustang looks exactly the same. I was just looking at some mustang vids and i came across this one, orange with a matching headstock.
  23. Thanks for posting that purple haze great vid, i think that kurt always looks like he's enjoying it more in early concerts like that during the nevermind tour, opposed to the in utero, anyways thanks, does anyone know who wrote that song talk to me.
  24. Kurts compstang is a wicked cool guitar, and here are some other vids other then the smells like teen spirit vid of him using it, since most vids he uses the jag or the mustangs with the hum. Here's one of in bloom, i think the guitar was already repaired in this one from breaking it. The nirvana beehive record vids show him using it, and his jag. if you look em up on youtube, here's one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAxKqWqy ... re=related And of course the trees club show where you can see him breaking it. Type in nirvana trees, to see the whole show. This is the vid when he breaks the guitar during polly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPq5gTEVSpg And the famous hollywood rock concert. Thanks enjoy
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