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  1. I saw this online, a guitar photocopier, that would be pretty cool to own that, two of any guitar you want, and you could sell the body's too. anyways check it out this link. http://gizmodo.com/5038246/guitar-photo ... le-on-ebay
  2. Wicked overpriced, not worth nearly that much.
  3. That's what I'm thinking too. Anyways it went for the max it was worth without the neck stamp. Just seams oddit doesn't have it, evreyone i' ve seen had it or, had a green code . I guess someone could have put the f ####### number on a beat up reissue to get some cash, highly doubt it prob oringinal, maybe replaced neck, i never heard of having the name of the inspecter on it, on any i've seen the davi is wierd.
  4. I was also curious about rickenbacker, i wanna try one out. I found this page on the net about the Beatles rickenbackers, its pretty interesting. http://www.rickbeat.com/beatles/beatles.htm
  5. Hey and welcome, I was searching around for mustang's for sale on gear base, andi found this black one that looks like the one your looking for, except its a black 75 oringinal, not an mij, but its black with the black guard, anyways good luck finding your mustang. here the link if your interested. http://www.gbase.com/Stores/Gear/GearDe ... em=1899396
  6. ebay is your best bet, you can get around 600 if it looks goos, and post on your local craigslist, should sell within a couple weeks if it has a good price
  7. There is also a 65 ri routed with a jb, and in dakota red, good shape, for anyone interested.
  8. A candy apple red two weeks ago with a watching headstock i believe like may 1969 in good shape went for 1500, with the economey how it is ,mustang prices, and all guitar prices are going down.
  9. Yeah i saw that one two, looks decent shape, but doesn't have date stamp at end of the neck, probably go between 900 and 1100.
  10. Looks cool If you put a right handed strat bridge it will help the angle, and action.
  11. Cool stang congrats. I remember seeing it on ebay. Anyways if you don't know how to route it you can pay someonne like 60 bucks to do it, but you have to buy the pickup seperately. Good luck.
  12. Cool, watching it again i see it was a black hum. I found out that the guy courtney gave it to, (lucky sob), sold it to a muesum here the picture of it on display. Looks like it has silver knobs. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v118/ ... guitar.jpg
  13. I know people wanna see the jag stang in action so, Here's few vids of kurt using jag stang. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esKyL4CRQDA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz29mQeL ... re=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7kEHs44 ... re=related
  14. I saw this vid online, its one of the concerts they did right after recording in utero, he is using sonic blue blue mustang, but has a black single coil in bridge. Hot rail or jb jr. i may have seen it wrong and it could have been a black hum, anyways here's the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbHO0OFNC8w
  15. That was a wicked cool interview, i think krist is drunk.
  16. to play the intro part of the song, you play just single pick each string on the top of the guitar where the headstock is, so above where the strings fit in, F# and switch to d and e bar chords in the the chorus, when he goes hey part.
  17. Look at www.decaljoe.com, i know they make mustang decals, and jaguars, not sure bout jag stangs, but he has really good quality headstock decals.
  18. Cool guitar man, the first see through mockingbird i have seen, how does it sound.
  19. I have wanted a competition mustang for an extremely long time, and i saw you can get all the parts from warmoth, neck with matching headstock, Competition body, hardware, ets, has anyone ordered from them?
  20. I know from Kurts equipment that kurt didn't have an olympic white mustang. But i found this pic on the net and it looks white, and has a hum in the bridge, the photo is to clear for the lighting to have messe up the sonic blue color, if anyone knows any info on the guitar that would be great. http://www.celebrina.com/kurt-cobain/photos/57919/
  21. People sell them on ebay all the time, there stickers, but i heard they make a stencil if ur up to painting it.
  22. Go to kurtsequipment.com and read one of the first lines smart one, it says Kurt favorite guitar was a mustang, so catch up on your facts and read better.
  23. Does anyone know whats Kurts favorite guitar was, i always thought it was this one, but if anyone knows otherwise love to hear from them.
  24. Whats the green thing in the first pic?? thats what i was wondering I was wondering too, looks like a guitar headstock.
  25. Go to kurtsequipment.com made by brian haberman and earnie bailey himself, it says he hated it so catch up on ur facts.
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