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  1. I am not positive, but i am pretty sure the trem wasn't locked down on his comp stang, just on the sonic blue ones, and the fiesta red, and kurt hated they were locked down.
  2. btw man, did the guitar look damaged at all, or were there any cracks on the neck that were glued since he broke it at the tree club show.
  3. Wow wicked cool, i think those are the first pics of the guitar i have seen without kurt with it, u should up load them onto photobucket, anyways thanks for the pics, did you meet earnie.
  4. Thats so cool, i can't wait to see the pics.
  5. what about lake placid blue with matching headstock and stripe, or i saw a sonic blue custom job with a matching headstock and tortoise pickguard that looked really cool.
  6. no kidding, it just says that on the converter cause it uses some equation to convert it.
  7. I think this could be the reason why your guitar is buzzing. This can happen all the time. When you shimmed the neck, you made the action to high, and now some strings are slightly hitting the fretts, which gives it that buzzing sound, to correct this i would lower the action, maybe remove the shims and try it then, i think that might fix the problem. You may also wanna try lower gauge strings so you can clear from hitting the fretts that might help.
  8. That line actually made me laugh a lot.
  9. I checked converter 380 euro is $595.741 american money, not adding shipping. Here is link to converter. http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi
  10. Yeah the age lake placid in japan is called olb old lake placid, they didn't make it green it is just a lighter tone blue, its not green. And anyways nirvanafreak vintage lake placid blue mustangs age a purpleish color not yellow, that whyy vintage lake pb mustang often have purple edges, kurts did.
  11. i'm interested in the 1970 competition mustang send me a private message with a price and can you please post some photos, and what country/ state if usa are in, if i like the guitar and price.
  12. It's a 1973 ri japan messed up, vintage 69's came with matching headstocks yet japan makes them without, and 73 just had stripe no matching headstock, but japan has the 73 coming with matching headstocks. Basically if it a has a matching hs with a stripe it is a 73 ri, and if stripe with non matching hs, it is a 69 reissue and this only applies to reissues, not original as i stated before.
  13. If anyone is gonna or currently selling a mustang post a picture here, i want to buy a mustang a soon, and i am not a big fan of the three 65 ri models without customizing them, if ur selling any mustang no matter what condition post it here.
  14. Dude actually the one with the matching headstock is ocean torquise i know from a jappanese color chart, they have lpb color that almost matches the one below, and the owner of that exact one said it is ocean torquise.
  15. I WANTED that exact model olb mg73co but ishabashi said that they don't ship to the usa, do you know if that is still the case. I guess i now really want the kurt cobain edition mustang with the hum, i found one but the guy didn't like the offer my dad gave him, too bad i really like that guitar
  16. that what i meant to write jag stang i wrote it in the post i just forgot in subject.
  17. They sound between a mix of gibson stock pickups and strat stock pickups hard to explain. The wings aren't attachable it is all one solid body on the darkstar. On the wave though the wings come off and u can change styles from like my darkstar style to a flying v
  18. Wow you all have really cool mustangs. The comp blue or ocean torquoise the 69 ri with the matching headstock.
  19. If anyones sees one at guitar dealer near you, you should try one out, the neck feels extremely good on them, and with the custom pickups they sound great. other then the rks darkstar i showed, i have an rks wave bright red, the wave is the cheaper line, the pick ups aren't custom there lace pickups, but they sound great. The darkstar was over two thousand, and the wave i got for a great deal under a thousand.
  20. cool lefty jag stang http://greygarden.org/images/DSC08514.JPG
  21. I love that orange one with the tortoise pickguard, what color is the first one called. And is it orange or fiesta red.
  22. This lefty jag stang is wicked cool i just wanted to share the pic. [imghttp][/img] http://greygarden.org/images/DSC08514.JPG
  23. cool mustangs, if your looking for tortoise pickguard i saw in your post before, you can trade your white one for olimpic white mustangs tortoise pickguard at guitar center sometimes, if you don't wanna spend extra cash.
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