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  1. I like the red 1972 fender mustang comp great looking guitar
  2. Cool, must have cost a lot to bring back from japan. Out of curiosity what do you guys think is a good price for a used kurt cobain model mustang, i am talking bout the stock mod.
  3. I might be getting a fender mustang soon, and i would just like to see what yours looks like, and the mods you made too it.
  4. Cool fiesta red reissue those are cool, i want the lake placid blue reissue, did you get it on ebay, but the ones without the stripe or matching headstock are wicked hard to find.
  5. What i meant by similar to a mustang is the neck is pretty much the same length.
  6. Yeah it is an Rks, i really like them. There kind of similar to a mustang i guess. This one is called Rks Darkstar. I have more pics if you want to see em.
  7. Here is my favorite guitar i own, i can supply more pictures if you want. it is really cool, sounds great. It's dusty, i will have to clean it. http://i334.photobucket.com/albums/m412 ... 010067.jpg Tell me what you think
  8. That would be a cool project, to see someone paint a mustang fiesta red,and get it routed for hum like kurts.
  9. Yeah they are really cool, they were only made from 1992 to 1994 i heard. It is my second favorite color mustang next to the comp blue with a matching headstock.
  10. Ask guitar center to trade your 65 perloid for a tortoise one, they come standard on olympic white mustangs, so i bet they would do a trade, i know a guy who did a trade like that at the g center near me.
  11. Cardboard from notebooks works well, thats what kurt used i think.
  12. Kurt had a fiesta red mustang, and other then his i have only seen pictures of a couple others, does anyone here have one and are they rare.
  13. I don't know many people who order from that site, you should probably try ishabashi they are more international selling friendly, try ishabashi first show them a pic of the model and they can locate it, for some reason they can't ship japan fenders to the usa, some policy, but i think they can to the uk.
  14. Here are some links of the pics of the various colors for the kurt cobain model: http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/goods_detail.php?g_id=103765 http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/goods_detail.php?g_id=98431 http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/goods_detail.php?g_id=98430
  15. fender japan makes a Kurt cobain model mustang with a humbucker in bridge, they make one in sonic blue with tortoise pickguard, look on ikebe you can see the pics.
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