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  1. I have a fully original 1964 Olympic White and a blue 1970 Competition Mustang for sale. Interesting?
  2. Guitar + shipping was about 507 euro's. I had to pay another 141 euro's import duties. I had it shipped to Belgium. For another 200Euro you could have bought my 1972 Competition Mustang. And that one is not made from basswood and it also has proper pickups and pots. And the old one just increase in value
  3. Thanks. It is for sale!! 9900kr (the Swedish currency)
  4. Here is the real deal. A 1972 Competition Mustang.
  5. I go to Japn often so I just being a guitar on the flight every time. No clue what a KC mod Should cost.
  6. White one = 1964 Fully original Metallic red Competition = 1972 Fully original Fiesta Competition = Japanese reissue Fully original Dakota Red = 1967 Has a Duncan Strat pickup in neck position.
  7. I bought the Red One in Japan but I can't remember when. The others I got from private ads in Sweden.
  8. Here are my Mustangs. and yes, that is a fiesta red Competition Mustang. White one = 1964 Metallic red Competition = 1972 Fiesta Competition = Japanese reissue Dakota Red = 1967
  9. It is not sane to respray a vintage guitar. It is like having a car and crash it into a brickwall. and i even said it was a joke for those who couldn't smell my sarcasm! Yeah? Sarcasm is one of the easiest things to spot in written language. I think that is why those smilies and things were invented.
  10. It is not sane to respray a vintage guitar. It is like having a car and crash it into a brickwall.
  11. I just sold it. Got a bunch of cash + a fully original 1972 red Competition Mustang. The red one is for sale as well. I have a Custom Colour gold 1963 and a 1962 sunburst in my little collection. Will try to get some pics of them but it might take a while (storing my collectables in a safe place).
  12. Here are my two Jaguars. 1965 Candy apple red Custom Colour and 1965 Sunburst.
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