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  1. HOw did you make a fiesta red one? Did you order it from warmoth?
  2. I am curious as to how the hell the humbucker is held in place...there are no screws holding it to the pickguard. I wonder if its screwed right to the body
  3. Kurt had atleast one with white humbucker, and one with black! I know that because I have seen shows that he used white then black then white again. He didnt change the pickup, 2 different guitars
  4. I can make them fender pop or cut...here's some examples
  5. Thanks for the response! They are making a CIJ Fiesta red 69 right now actually I may just pick up a warmoth body and guard
  6. So I have owned a few 69 cij mustangs and played one back to back with a 65 mij mustang. cij feels better especially the neck. I have a 69 sonice blue, I want a red 69 cij mustang... do they make them? I see a tone of mij red 65 reissues but no cij red 69
  7. Sweet thanks! This is my 3rd mustang, I owned a 65 white years ago, and another 2 years ago. This one I got was cheap and used with love marks on it. I will keep this one for good this time. I will post pics soon. Thanks again, Jon
  8. I actually just emailed him before I read your response. Did you have to make a template for the mustang? Thats actually the same setup I want done for mine. Looks great!
  9. I need a custom pick guard made. Warmoth.com makes some but there is a warning message at the bottom of the page that says...."Warning: These pickguards are ONLY meant to fit on Warmoth Mustang bodies. They will NOT retrofit on to your guitar". Has anybody tried using one? I have a CIJ mustang BTW. If they are not made to fit well, can anyone point me in the right direction for a custom guard?
  10. I would want something in the price range that i had pm'ed you the 1st time we talked. Yeah they told me the same thing about the jaguar. IDK why they can't sell them. I honestly don't want to sell ether of these, I also have no problem keeping them both. I will sell them if i get what i paid. I know alot of people say it's used and it drop's value. But these guitars are not that easy to get as you can see, and i am not in huge need to sell them anymore. If your worried about trust, paypal has buyer proctection.
  11. They did come from that site, but they were sold to me new on ebay.
  12. I have had these guitar's a few months now, don't really play them much. It's basically brand new! I use my martin acustic and PRS custom 24 most of the time. They both came from Japan. I have added another volume knob on the jaguar. Hasn't been wired yet. I maybe selling them soon. I am a poor man right now http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v204/jonl/030-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v204/jonl/028-3.jpg
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