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  1. If I have the inclination, I might buy one of the 51's. I had a beautiful Squier 51 which I sould and (of course) regretted, and if the Fender version is anything like it, I would be proud to have my first 'real' Fender be a 51. Ironic in it's way. But if it has a gloss neck, I will cross my arms in an X, stare down the barrell of the camera and shout "NO DEEEAAAALLLLL" like a moron. Are there any spec sheets available for these things yet?
  2. Hi, I haven't been posting much lately. The forum has been dead, and I havn't been guitaring much. But I had to see what people think of the 'Pawn Shop' series. Seems that Fender is becoming more like Squier all the time. No new designs, just more bastardized versions of old favourites. But great to see the return of the mighty 51!!!
  3. Dave Murray from Iron Maiden has spend most of his career playing a strat with a maple fretboard. Not the metal guitar that one would expect, but it seems to work fine.
  4. I really don't think they are conversion necks. I don't think that was a feature until the Gen III Jagmasters.
  5. I'm not certain, but I am willing to speculate... SuperSonics were part of the Vista Series, and I believe that Jagmaster necks didn't become conversion necks until the 3rd generation release. So I am pretty sure the SuperSonic necks are either true shortscale or true fullscale. But there are SuperSonic owners on the forum who will be able to provide a more definitive answer.
  6. What Rich said. Also, the Musicmasters came first, so Fender were probably still ironing out some creases. Thing of the Duo as a more versatile, refined, and probably better-made option.
  7. It's Teh Kurdtz!!! Very interesting, though. My girlfriend is Japanese, so I might ask her to translate it so we can have some real info
  8. Hoping to find the Jazzy in about July. A present from me to me for being a good, honest taxpayer Still waiting to see a demo where the demo-er doesn't feel the need to drown the sound of the guitar under a breaking-up of driven amp sound. I wanna hear some CLEANS, goddammit!!!
  9. The glove idea is a good one I think. Other than that, I'd just suggest experimenting and trial-and-error.
  10. In my opinion, there is really no difference. If you are talking about 'vintage-voiced' strat pickups, the output levels might be something like N=6.0, M=6.5, B=7.0. The difference in 'hotness' between a 7.0 and a 6.0 would not be so bad as to be intolerable. Heck, I would barely notice it. I have a 10k output hotrail in the neck position of my strat, and two singles of about 6.5 and 7.0 in the bridge. I keep the hotrail mounted low, and the other two a bit higher to keep the balance. No biggie. Personally, I like all 3 pickups to be at about the same level because I use them all for the same reasons, I just choose based on my mood. Also, I really doubt if the neck pickup in a Jag-Stang has adjustable poles. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a single coil pickup with adjustable poles. In summary, I think the difference between 'hotness' would be barely noticible, and there is not specific 'design difference' between neck and bridge pickups except for the amount of windings. The only hiccup might be if you have a pickup set that is designed for a hotter bridge sound.
  11. Teisco? They can be bought for pennies and have some very original designs.
  12. Can you post pics of the guitar please? I'm a Zappa FANATIC and would love to see this little piece of history. Heck, my avatar over at Squier-Talk is a pic of Frank playing what may well be the very Jazzy you now own!!! I'd give up my firstborn son for that thing.
  13. I've said it before, I'll say it again... Why do some people just REFUSE to play clean during a demo??? Sure we can hear what the amp sounds like, but very little about what the guitar sounds like.
  14. Yeah, they are great players, I found the neck to be silky smooth, great profile. I liked the sound of the 51 neck pickup so much I had one installed as a middle pickup on my Jagmaster. Mine was heavily modified (even when I bought it), and I've never had the pleasure of playing a stock 51 bridge pickup. As for replacement pickguards, guitarfetish still sell them. I bought 2 in my days; a tiger pearl one that didn't fit at all, and a 3-ply black that I had cut into the design that you see in the pic. I'm not too sure where else to get them.
  15. Congrats on the 51! I used to have one but I sold it because I thought I no longer wanted it. It's probably the only guitar of mine that I have sold that I have ended up regretting. I recently sold my Squier Deluxe strat and I might start missing that also. Here's a couple of pics of my 51. I know it doesn't belong here, but it won't hurt anyone
  16. Well done on looking them up The always seemed reputable to me. I can't suggest ideas to you (that's purely to your own taste), but I always wanted to get a pickguard made in the 'aged pearloid' that they offer.
  17. Try pickguardian.com for pickguards, custom made for a perfect fit. I've never used them personally, but I wouldn't hesitate to.
  18. How long had each guitar been sitting on the shelf? I've played 3 Jagmasters and 2 Jaguars in my time and they all felt about the same, except for high gloss necks on the Jaguars, which I don't get along with.
  19. It suddenly seems the tide has turned. For years people were crying out for a Squier Jaguar, and now that there is one (albeit just a re-coloured and re-named Jagmaster) people don't seem to want it.
  20. I am a fan of the strat output jack (much more safe and practical than a 90 degree config), but like Feedback said, if that's the best thing to be found about the guitar, I would STRONGLY suggest exploring other options edit: by the way, it's an OUTPUT jack, not an input. There is no signal running to the guitar whatsoever. It's one of my pet peeves.
  21. I was hunting for reviews on youtube... None. I was looking for prices on ebay... Nothing. I suspect these guitars haven't actually been released yet.
  22. A 'KuRdTz KiD' is someone - usually a teenager - who looks at Kurt Cobain as being some sort of philosophical, musical, and fashion god. A KuRdTz KiD usually grants Cobain much more respect than he actually deserves, and will not accept any negative opinions about him, however correct he may be. Those are some of the more broad traits, but they come in varying degrees
  23. Hey, I suggested Yamaha I feel like I made a difference
  24. I hope we can all appreciate the irony of the last 2 posts
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