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  1. Argh it doesn't fit the screws don't line up or anything
  2. tylerfender is there alot of routing to do on the pickguard? like so it will fit a mustang? and are the screw holes in the right place and everything? i bought one from there and found out they dont fit should be here soon
  3. my bro took a pic of one for me they look awesome yeah the classic player ones are too expensive and probably sound/play crap and on these kurt jags, on the left hand side, are they like wheels instead of the switch thingys??
  4. Nope I dont have a jag yeah, i'll just have to save up, than i shall get one:)
  5. Manchester eh, i live quite near there:D My bro lives in japan, so he could send me over the toggle switch and stuff Sweet, I shall look into doing that
  6. Kurt Cobain, Thurston Moore, Steve Malkmus, Brian Molko, and Kevin Shields
  7. This is going a lil' off topic I reckon it looks better with the 3 knobs and whats up with being from england?
  8. 2 million? wow Would it be hard to add another volume/tone pot to one?
  9. How come Kurt's Jaguar had 3 knobs and a toggle switch?
  10. Thanks =] Ye the routing kinda sucks, and I'm not sure, 'cos someone else did it for me
  11. Done http://i350.photobucket.com/albums/q431 ... C01129.jpg
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