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  1. Thought I'd post a pic of my Jaguar HH Special. After owning it for 5 years or so I eventually got round to fitting a tortoiseshell pick guard. Its for an American 62 Vintage Jaguar p/n 099-1353-000 so needed some modification but not much in the end. I'd always thought of fitting a tortoiseshell guard to the Jag as its a favourite combination of mine and bought the guard but never got round to it. The neck pick up is now a P90, but the bridge humbucker is still the Dragster it came with. Knobs have been changed to Jaguar normal types and there's a treble bleed cap on both volume pots. Other than that its completely stock and, IMHO, looks delicious.
  2. Looking for a little help on this subject myself, does anyone have or can post a link to a wiring diagram showing a coil tap/split of a Jaguar HH using the strangle switch as the coil tap. I'vefound diagrams using a push pull tone pot, but would like to see the other option as I don't us the strangle switch at all. I know I need to change the dragsters out in the first place and Ive done a search through the posts but with no luck, anyone
  3. There was a review in Guitarist magazine when these came out last year and they were very impressed, so much so, they questioned whether the US made ones were worth almost double the asking price.
  4. The saga still continues. It worked for a while then packed up again I've had the pick up out and apart and I think there is a break in the coil now as its reading an open circuit. I guess that was the intermitant fault so its new neck pick up time. I may just replace both and coil tap them while I'm about it.
  5. So, I eventually bit the bullet and ordered a new switch from AxesRus which today I got time to fit and tit all works well, so far I hope this is the end of the saga and I am glad to get my Jag back, however gave me an excuse to get the Les Pal out for a change
  6. The saga continues. Neck pick up has kept on cutting out intermittantly, will paky great for a while and then...... nothing. Today I have had it all apart and re-soldered all the earth leads this seems to have cured it...for now, where I ahve heard that before. Anyway, as a by product I tested the stock Dragster humbucker to see if it was ok, which it was, reads 7.84 ohms output, so for those of you who wanted to know the output value, there it is, quite low for a humbucker, as we knew anyway.
  7. The problem did come back but this time it was the feed from the rythmn bout to the jack (Green Wire) re-soldererd it and all is again well. I have a plan to replace all the wiring at some point with a thicker guage, that will check all the soldr joints at the same time.
  8. I think the lug is the ground, but can't really see where hte black lead comes from. There is a Jaguar wiring diagram on the seympour duncan site which may help you. I also have an HH Special, and if I get the time I will post a photo of the wiring. The colours differ on the seymour duncan diagram, but you should be able to figure out what should go where.
  9. Just as an update the trouble was not the switch, but the main feed from the neck pup to the middle lug of the switch, it came away a second time as well, but now all is well.
  10. Funny you ask that, before the neck packed in, no I didn't like it and was looking at a Seymour Duncan humbucker forget the model, but its made as two hot S/C's to tap, to add a coil tap on to give me a hot single coil or a Humbucker at the bridge. After playing the whole set with the bridge though someone said how good the tone was so I'm a bit un-decided now, maybe I need to use the bridge pup a bit more, it always seemed a tad thin to me.
  11. Special, I know some don't like them, but the pups sound fine to me, for what I do, Blues and RnB, they may not be as good for other stuff though. Thanks for the diagnosis tips.
  12. Yeah I guessed the switch may be the problem, are the Jap ones suspect and how do you tell which are better. FWIW, I like the pick ups in the HH and have had very favourable comments about its tone at the Blues jam I go to, others may not though.
  13. Well I have had and enjoyed my HH since March however got on stage on Wednesday night and nothing out of the neck pu on either bout lead or rhythm, played the set using the treble pickup, not an ordeal, but whats going on. I understand the switches can be a bit suspect, I've left it with a repairer to see whats going on but hought someone here may have an idea or it may highlight a known problem
  14. I thought that was the case, but having never played a Japanese single coil, does anyone know how hotter the Mexicans pups are, is there a lot of difference
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