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  1. Thanks, Libtoem, But there wasn't anything there about putting a Jagmaster neck on a Mustang.
  2. Hi Folks, Will a Jagmaster Neck fit onto a Mustang body with no prob?... I'm starting a build from a body, and want a neck with a 9.5 radius and medium-jumbo frets, thus eyeing the Jagmaster neck. Any comments, thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info, everyone. I think I'll look into putting a hotrails type in the bridge first, see how that sounds.
  4. Hi - my first post here. I have several questions regarding having a Humbucker/s in a Mustang... I play blues, rock, and some jazz/funk. Where is the Humbucker most effective, in your opinion, Neck or Bridge? I usually see them in the Bridge on Mustangs and Strats (but Neck on Telecasters). Does putting it in the Bridge positions reduce the Fender signature twang sound? Has anyone put in Humbuckers in the Neck isntead of the Bridge position? How about Humbuckers in BOTH positions? Lastly - has anyone tried out the Seymour Duncan single-coil Sized Humbuckers? Thanks.
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