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  1. Great rigs, people I'm getting my gifts in next couple of days - Alesis Quadraverb & EHX vintage Deluxe Memory Man...Sweet
  2. they are? I love the ps3's... but i've always read the ps-2s are hugely meh.. care to correct me? Boss PS-2 -> Slowdive, Alison's Halo, Stars of the Lid, Mono, me... Boss PS-3 -> Bethany Curve, and who else? I also love the awesomeness of PS-3, but I dont own one
  3. Its Behringer PB1000 - really cheap, but nice; And thanks, I try to find cheap and nice sounding pedals
  4. Oh yes... And I'll probably add PDS 1002 just to have more options... There's no such thing as too many delays...
  5. New setup (again crappy pics ) Fender Jaguar/Pearl Telecaster->RR Dream Machine(FuzzFactory)->Colorsound Wah/Swell(modded)->RR Eclipse(ProCo Big Box Rat/Turbo Rat)->Boss PS-2 Pitch Shifter/Delay->Yamaha Fl-01 Analog Flanger->Arion SAD-01 Analog Stereo Delay->EHX PolyPhase->RR Centaur(Klon)->Daphon CB Tuner->EHX Stereo Memory Man/Hazarai->RR Feedback Looper Deluxe(Alesis Nanoverb in loop)->Vox AC30 CC1(linked TB/Normal)+Vox Footswitch(Reverb+Tremolo)
  6. Anyone tried/owned one? Its a bit pricey but I can has one for a decent price...
  7. Alesis Nanoverb/Midiverb 2 or Holy Grail on the cheap with nice/great sound quality...
  8. Sorry for late reply, I have one - its nice sounding, a bit trebly but very versatile reverb unit (actually I use only reverbs), has that non-linear preset for kevin "soft-as-snow-but-warm-inside" shields type of sound - If u wanna use nanoverb in rig, you'll need TB loop...
  9. +1 on the filtertrons - +2 on TV's - gotta love that jangle...
  10. Curtis Novak Jag-V neck pup - absolutely love him -use it 90% of the time...
  11. I never use the same settings (even on rehersals) - all depends on the mood & space I'm playing at...
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