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  1. A re-issue, sorry. I've updated the top post with some better pictures!
  2. I had a black '69 Mustang and wanted to change the white pick-up covers to black ones. I also wanted rid of the switches and wired it so that each knob is an independent volume control, to neaten it up a bit. Here's my finished Musimplestang and I love it.
  3. That's superb, thank you. But, being completely new to this, could you elaborate on the above please?
  4. That sounds fine. So both pickups' tones would be as though the tone dial was at full? And how exactly would I wire it this way?
  5. Hi! I have a 1969 Mustang and want to mod it in the following way: I wish to have a new pickguard without holes for the pickup switches. I wish for both pickups to be 'on' at all times. I wish for the master volume knob to control ONLY the neck pickup, so that when it's down, I only hear the bridge pickup. This is because of my preferences, I never use the neck pickup alone but sometimes use it with the bridge pickup (usually out of phase but i've no idea if that complicates my wants!!) Is this posible?
  6. Ah Well i've managed to find someone in Japan that can send me one to the UK so i'll be all sorted within a couple of weeks I reckon Thanks for everyones help regardless
  7. Ok thanks If i manage to get my guitar i'll come back along and show y'all
  8. Where abouts would you reccomend I look for my Mustang then? I'll need a new pickguard too I presume. I'm in the UK btw. Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for the kind welcome Wouldn't that cost a fair bit? The re-finishing?
  10. Hi all, new user here! For ages i've been after a '69 Japanese re-issue Mustang in black. It's my dream guitar. I'd been intending to buy from www.mustangguitars.co.uk but having just contacted them to voice my interest I was told that it was no longer available from them. I wonder if anyone here knows another way I could get my guitar? Any help would be so greatly appreciated.
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